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  1. Congrats!!
  2. Congrats and welcome!
  3. Congrats!
  4. I love this game
  5. The Pats are taking a liking to Arkansas players it seems
  6. Up until I started college I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I found out how expensive vet school was and decided I would major in mechanical engineering with an associates in nuclear technology and work as an operator at the nuclear power plant here in my hometown. Only 2 more years to go.
  7. I went with soul stealer just because i like vayne
  8. Not a big MLB fan, but I watch a lot of college sports, y'all got my boy Andrew Benintendi from Arkansas, Big Razorback fan so I've followed him a little bit. So far he has showed out.
  9. #C9WIN 8-0
  10. First, I commented every day except for the day that I was busy with school starting up as I explained, Second, I don't think hanging someone at random is the best solution at all, this just makes the job easier for the wolves. Just doing their job for them, but if that's what it takes then the village has no hope
  11. I waited to hear from the psychic like I stated that I was going to do like many others, then as soon as I heard I voted. PS: It's Razorback not RazorBack it is a reference to the college I am a big fan of, but i get people saying RazorBack all the time xD
  12. #C9WIN
  13. I know it seems pretty sketchy not saying anything on day 4, but I had a very good irl reason for doing so as I was dealing with this semester of classes starting up and had a lot going on. That being said I think it would also be a good idea to look at who voted to hang Gregor as that seems like a pretty easy kill for the wolves if they can just agree with the rest of the village.
  14. Sorry I haven't been on much, I have tried to keep up with everything as much as possible, but I just started back classes for college last week so it has been pretty hectic the last few days. Should be better from here on out.
  15. Since we have heard from the psychic, I believe that is enough evidence to go ahead and throw in my vote. VOTE Bookworm