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  1. Predicted Abilities- Rend, Mortal Strike, Execute, Siegebreaker, Hamstring...Jumps in, reduces enemy healing does big damage, jumps out. Execute does big damage like Zul'jins guillotine to enemies with under 25% health. Provides slows, low self healing. Predicted Skins- Standard Garrosh with the Tusks of Mannoroth, Sha-Corrupted Garrosh as seen in phase 3 of the Garrosh fight in wow. Seeing as Varian has Charge, Garrosh will probably have Heroic Leap for mobility as well.
  2. Setting out to collect all the autographs of the entire Overwatch cast. Hopefully they will all be on HoTs one day...
  3. Beauty and The Beast(Reddit) Greymane-The Beast Jaina-Belle Lumiere-Ragnaros Clogsworth- Chromie Gaston- Varian idk what map would work
  4. Would have loved to come but I got work on sunday:( will be supporting you guys on stream though!
  5. All overwatch crew once another hero comes out.
  6. Another competitor for my 10 Shittiest Master Skins of All Time video.
  7. I never knew there was such a big delay in butchers brand...that explains a lot of ruff teamfights where I thought I had it applied and reliezed what happened too late.
  8. Nice to officially meet you:D
  9. the lunar skins are dull as always but that monkey king samuro looks awesome.