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  1. Do you know the poems origin? I would enjoy looking into his or hers work.
  2. It has been a busy week for me and it is going to be a busy weekend so I will try and make it to next weeks dojo but early in the week i will be getting on TS and playing some HotS to get to know some of the madcast community for that game. Can't wait to meet you guys and play HotS.
  3. Yeah i watched the teaser/commercial for it and i for sure got that vibe. I am going to go watch it tonight since my sister has it on demand and i am going to go watch her dog for her while she is at work.
  4. here is one to add to the list Before you blame me the healer for you dying ask yourself why you just died and think about what you could have done different.
  5. Is this self written or did you get this from somewhere because i actually really liked it.
  6. Okay here you go! Blood Blockade Battlefront Akira Parasite Deathnote Attack on titan gundam seed Ga-Rei Blue exorcist and i know it was already mentioned and maybe some of these were aswell but Ergo proxy is my favorite anime of all time and it has been multiple years since i have first seen it and i rewatch it here and there but i am still digesting this anime and it is pretty tripy and interesting to watch. ALSO samurai champloo like who could not love this anime! OH YEAH and Darker than Black as well!!!
  7. This show looks really interesting. Is it really that great and what other shows would you compare it to?
  8. This is awesome i loved playing wow and this just gives me more reasons to start playing it again.
  9. I am completely new to HotS i have picked it up for maybe around 4-5 hrs in total and i would honestly like to see dojo really tackle the core game play and what you need to be doing as your role early mid and late game. A better understanding of the game would for sure make it a lot more enjoyable and easier to transition into from other games. Plus i think it would help newer players such as me out a lot.
  10. I Love almost all things comic book related. I enjoy a lot of the cinematic movies and animated ones too. I think that modern day art much like comics do not get the validation as art they deserve so let us appreciate the art of our favorite characters and get our nerd on as well. Anyways here is my favorite Raven.
  11. Hey I was considering coming back to WoW. Last xpac i was a TC for RBGs and was playing around the 1800-1900 MMR at around 1700 rating as DK. I hit 1600 in 2s as almost every class and 1600 in 3s with 3 different classes. I am wondering if anyone here does pvp as i don't really raid myself. I haven't played much of the new expac and i don't have any level 110s but i left maining rogue and mage. Let me know and i will work on getting my account back to active and switch a character to the madcast guild server for a ginvite.
  12. A Ahri or a shyvana guide would be amazing!
  13. I myself looked into this many years ago and have lucid dreamed on multiple occasions but i try to refrain from doing so as dreams are a way of our subconscious to communicate with our conscious minds. I find the wierd and sometimes out of this world dreams i have normally to be intriguing and deep though inducing after waking. Do not get me wrong lucid dreaming in its self is truly a wonder to be had but like all things it is best in moderation. This thread is awesome though and i am glad there are lots of like minded people here which makes this place almost like a home away from home. I know this is being a REALLY BIG thread necro here but this stuff is such a huge interest and fun topic to discuss of mine that i couldn't simply ignore it.