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  1. if you watch NA lcs

    Team liquids roster is 4/5 of the 2015 clg team bro. Counter Liquid Gaming will be the new name maybe
  2. if you watch NA lcs

    clg is getting revived
  3. MadCast Welcomes: ThekillerGuitar

    grats killer! you da man
  4. Intro-Maromodo

    they grow up so fast... 😭
  5. Intro: Ikillitall

    Hey man i'm your mentor I play Destiny and League! Let me know if you need anything. Will talk to you soon = )
  6. Secret Aram OP

    precision is just the name of the secondary
  7. Intro: Kat (badwolƒ/ßitchcraƒt)

    Named kat but doesnt play katarina. Im sensing a bamboozle here. Next thing you will tell me you prefer dogs! Nice to meet you
  8. Secret Aram OP

    primary Dark Harvest -Cheap shot ( the internal cooldown is only 4 seconds and in an aram people will almost always be slowed or cced. Where the heal talent has a 20 second icd. -eyeball collection -ravenous hunter secondary -precision -Triumph (there is no better secondary than triumph for aram) Coup De grace-
  9. Intro - Simaniac

    Welcome and best of luck
  10. Secret Aram OP

    If anyone is doing arams I highly suggest trying out dark harvest. You get shards from cannon minions and champions. In particularly bloody games you can do some ridiculous damage. I think it might be less effective if more people have the dark harvest mastery however. Try it out let me know what you think!
  11. runes

    Electrocute+ transcendance graves with 4 black cleavers. 400+ ad with 3k+ hp
  12. EA Sets A New Record (Not A Good One)

    E.A Electronic Antichrist
  13. Recommend me some shows

    one punch on netflix
  14. Worlds Finals

    there is no outplaying or beating janna in the previous patch. Skt deserve to lose for not banning janna first two games
  15. Who is the weakest hero in OW?

    Doomfist is pretty much a carbon copy of the champion vi from league of legends. Vi is great in a 1vs1 but in a teamfight she just gets blown up immediately.