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  1. Team liquids roster is 4/5 of the 2015 clg team bro. Counter Liquid Gaming will be the new name maybe
  2. they grow up so fast... 😭
  3. Hey man i'm your mentor I play Destiny and League! Let me know if you need anything. Will talk to you soon = )
  4. precision is just the name of the secondary
  5. Named kat but doesnt play katarina. Im sensing a bamboozle here. Next thing you will tell me you prefer dogs! Nice to meet you
  6. primary Dark Harvest -Cheap shot ( the internal cooldown is only 4 seconds and in an aram people will almost always be slowed or cced. Where the heal talent has a 20 second icd. -eyeball collection -ravenous hunter secondary -precision -Triumph (there is no better secondary than triumph for aram) Coup De grace-
  7. If anyone is doing arams I highly suggest trying out dark harvest. You get shards from cannon minions and champions. In particularly bloody games you can do some ridiculous damage. I think it might be less effective if more people have the dark harvest mastery however. Try it out let me know what you think!
  8. Electrocute+ transcendance graves with 4 black cleavers. 400+ ad with 3k+ hp
  9. there is no outplaying or beating janna in the previous patch. Skt deserve to lose for not banning janna first two games
  10. Doomfist is pretty much a carbon copy of the champion vi from league of legends. Vi is great in a 1vs1 but in a teamfight she just gets blown up immediately.