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  1. When you put it that way makes it even more appealing. I really enjoy settlers of catan. I would like to host a settlers of catan event will post something soon.
  2. The face of shame. Glad to have you aboard Mike.
  3. If Sanjo likes my post does that mean he is consoling me or liking my sadness?????
  4. The giants front office just realized you need an offensive line to play football. Feelsbadman.
  5. I'm getting excited for this game. I may even use both hands for part of it.
  6. Why the F is Ezekiel Elliot not suspended for game 1 against the giants.
  7. oooo lets do some trash talk. We gonna beat you guys so bad man you gonna wish we didnt beat you so bad.
  8. Welcome back Gentle Caveman
  9. Im pretty pumped for this game. Saw the line at gamestop yesterday. Can't wait! Also PC master race
  10. Hope everything works out ok Mikes right. Whats important is getting revenge on the flood.
  11. If anyone needs a laugh
  12. Little late but this sketch had me dying.
  13. im liking the road hog change.