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  1. I think we will get along since every morning i keep calm hit that snooze button and carry on.
  2. its important that we have a diverse comp of 5 necromancers. Thanks for the reminder so i can patch. not sure if ill be on tonight though definitely this weekend though.
  3. and the bonus 10 minutes of trolling I enjoyed both these videos thought you guys might too. My favorite dodge is the one he does as riven.
  4. Lyrics by Bob Dylan vocals by Marcus Mumford. This song just gives me goosebumps. I want it to be my wedding song for my 2nd marriage.
  5. Nostalgia and zima? count me in. Gotta redownload though im sure others are in the same boat.
  6. #watchmesucceed. congrats man
  7. Welcome maeVa!
  8. Watch out for this guy nim. He is named after a demon!
  9. welcome
  10. Hello Nimli. Purple is my favorite color so i like you already. Lets play league sometime = D
  11. for anyone that hasnt seen
  12. Welcome dude good luck!
  13. Hello! Quick question do you ever get a Hankering to Chastise . Ill see myself out
  14. Welcome back man
  15. Welcome dude. We only need two more mikes for a barbershop quartet now!