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  1. Lolol...maybe I will change it to Septic...give me an excuse to be more toxic.
  2. Read and agreed. Thank you for accepting me. I am much excite.
  3. Lol...only fair since you carry me most of the time.
  4. Welcome, welcome. Good luck with your candidacy.
  5. Welcome. I hope your candidacy goes well. If you ever want to abandon the evils of LoL, then HotS is very welcoming.
  6. The video link seems to be broken. 😳
  7. I don't know if we need all the bouncy-ass Overwatch characters on HotS...but It's hella cool that you got to meet their voices. Getting all of their autographs on that one poster would be super sweet.
  8. Does it count as being a responsible adult if you consider it making an investment in your entertainment?
  9. Whelp...I bought a hammock with stand. Feels like a pretty good prime day decision to me. Y'all should let me know if you picked up anything cool.
  10. Yass. I'm so excited for prime day. Time to buy all the stuff. $$$
  11. Happy belated birthday...hope it's not too late to be rude.
  12. It's been a minute since they did a support...I definitely feel like one was due. I'm super excite. He looks awesome.
  13. This will be good to have. Thanks for sharing.
  14. That's really cool. You are quite talented.
  15. I'll be around...hopefully enough people show up.