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  1. I like to do Karma / Lux support, but I also used to do Elise support. That was fun. :3
  2. Awh Dolphin, I don't think that looks terrible at all. It's really cute.
  3. I feel as if you would benefit the most from having a few gold and above spectators. That might solve your problem without disheartening players through a tough inhouse. Alternatively, you could have say a gold or above captain / shotcaller on each team. You'd learn when to do / not do something and also be able to ask why they made certain calls, did this and not that, etc.
  4. You do talk a lot for me personally, but you seem like a nice guy.
  5. I was going to do it, but after finding out there were multiple pages, I quickly got demotivated and lost interest. I might do it later. c:
  6. Have you guys seen this yet? I'm so excited <3
  7. I'm not sure how I feel about the defensive item changes (ga and banshees). And the support item changes are interesting... I look forwards to seeing how they affect the game.
  8. I already told Epic and Candy this, but I was pleasantly surprised no one was salty after the games. I've been in a lot of community inhouses that result in hurt feelings and as a result, aren't as receptive to feedback. You guys ran it well and everyone involved seemed genuinely invested in learning. I did notice feedback seemed to be primarily be focused on laning. Personally, I think it'd be great if there was more analysis / feedback centered around group fighting - i.e. positioning, targets, etc and late game such as shot calling, objectives, etc. We talked about it a little bit, but it wasn't feedback centered. It seemed more... conversational - like oh this happened! etc. Team fights happen really fast, so having say the spectators write down what they see and giving constructive feedback based on group fights would be really valuable. Idk if everyone that shows up usually plays in the games, but if you have some higher elo players (say you have 2 plats and everyone else is gold), the plats can spectate. Much like when you have a coach to watch your gameplay - it'd be like having a coach for each team.
  9. Thank you everyone! I believe I added everyone that had their LoL name on their profile. Hopefully we can play some games together this weekend. ;D @Remnar Your avatar tells me you like Teemo! What do you like about him? Is Superhero your favorite skin? o; @MadCast: Frosty I'm curious, what's the story behind your name?
  10. I'm down! I love alternate game modes. Some of my personal favorites are Ultimate Bravery and Catch the Teemo.
  11. Thanks Mike! It was a pleasure playing with you earlier. C: Thank you! I added you. (: Oh okay, got it! Maybe one of these days I'd like to spectate to see how you guys do it. C: I can totally understand that! I feel the same way. Only one time consuming game at a time. Thanks! ;D I mustache you a question. Haha. I actually do like tea quite a bit - I'm a big fan of loose leaf tea! There's a few local tea shops in my town that sells loose leaf by the ounce. So whenever I'm trying to wean myself off my daily cup of coffee, I drink tea. xD What's your favorite, and do you prefer hot or iced?
  12. I was super confused at first, as I read that the way my name is pronounced so it went over my head, haha. Good one though. ;P My name is actually pronounced ah-rise. C: Thank you! ^-^