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  1. A Glorious Introduction to Kitty Stark

  2. Divinity Origional Sin 2 Campaign

    I'm out of school till august, so until I get a job for the summer I am free everyday pretty much.
  3. Divinity Origional Sin 2 Campaign

    I've wanted to get a campaign with 4 people off the ground for a while so I would be down to join in.
  4. MadCast Welcomes: RopesAreRad

  5. LCS Fantasy Draft 2018

    joined it as well!
  6. Intro - wF

    Welcome man! Looking forward to playing some games with you!
  7. MadCast Welcomes: Kat!

  8. Intro - Gokudera27

    Welcome my dude!
  9. Introduction - MooKwonDo

    Welcome my dude!
  10. Intro - Fox

  11. MadCast League Season II

    Player Name: Brootos Level: 30 Rank: silver 2 Preferred Roles: ADC, JG I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain.
  12. Divinity OS2 - Really Really Really LFG!

    Great maybe when we can get a group going I will warn you I am also doing one with 3 others so I might not always be able to play but it shouldn't be a huge issue.
  13. Divinity OS2 - Really Really Really LFG!

    I wouldn't mind starting a group to play with you and an all undead group was something I had been interested in from the beginning. In my own solo campaign I have somehow managed to get myself to around lvl 13 with around 60 hours on the game so its a real commitment. Just let me know when you want to get started I should be available most times during the day and almost all the times on a weekend.
  14. MadCast Welcomes: Kyroo1

    Gratz man!
  15. The Escapists 2

    The Escapist 2 is a game I have been looking forward to for quite some time now. Its a game where the big objective is to escape a prison and each one you escape you move on to a harder more complex prison. The first game was a blast but didn't have multiplayer, however The Escapist 2 does. This is a game I am planning to play with some friends in 4 person co-op and escape anything from a normal prison to space prison. So I was wondering if anyone was planning on getting The Escapist 2?