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    League of legeds, starcraft, Heroes of the storm, Diablo 3, off line interests include family, friends, music, movies

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    I'm a late 20's gamer, most of my free time not spent with my loving wife and daughter are spent gaming. I'm a kinda jack of all trades master of none. come follow me on Twitch at
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    MadCast: Magicangel
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  1. lol yeah we know you love that minecraft!
  2. as soon as i get my new vid card ill be back in action, my current card cant handle the game on the lowest setting without having issue when im around alot of players
  3. how many of you like construction games, i seem to find a lot of joy in games where I'm building. so if you get as much enjoyment as i do from games like minecraft, space engineers, medieval engineers, or any game that is building. if you enjoy these games as much as i do let me know here in this thread.
  4. Medieval Engineers is on sale, its made by the same company that makes Space Engineers this game is still in early access, but i have been every happy with that space engineers Price: 11.99
  5. anyone here planning to get elite dangerous?
  6. i main Vi, veigar, yorick, and im perfecting tryndamere
  7. this is one of many quotes that stay with me "I won't lose to you. I don't mind losing to somebody else. But I can't lose against myself" Shirou Emiya
  8. if it goes on sale, the man known as playerunknown said the price isnt gonnt go up after full release like so many other games
  9. I love this game, offers me more fun than CoD ever did. the map is huge, the weapons are awesome, and the targets hit just as hard as you do. if anyone else is playing this please add me MadCast: Magicangel on steam so we can get on some PUBG
  10. well now if you have that ip address that the attack came from, find some shady computer tech under a bridge in new york selling pirated dvds and slip him a envalope full of benji's and the ip address and walk away with a smile. disclaimer, following my advice is bad prolly shouldn't do that. may result in jail time with bubba or getting robbed latter by the same shady computer tech.
  11. so my computer disk useage stays at like 90% most of the time is that computer is doing anything but sitting and collecting dust any idea how to solve this?
  12. please add me to the FM roster for todays fight with in admins VS fm