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  1. PLat to plastic

    Not sure about everyone else, but I watch several League streamers on YouTube, including: Nightblue3 (currently Diamond I or Master player but a previous Challenger player, jungle player) Pants are Dragon (current Challenger player, jungle/mid) Redmercy (current Diamond I or II, I forgot, mid) Imaqtpie (currently rank 9 in solo Q I think and has two other challenger smurfs, ex-pro player, ADC) Dyrus (former TSM top laner, Challenger, top) Doublelift (former TSM ADC, Challenger player, ADC) Anyways, these people have taught me a lot and most of their videos have some sort of learning attached to them, sometimes.. lol. You already may know of these so feel free to discard this info! Hope that helped a little!
  2. intro- Danyo11G

    Welcome! Played a few games with you already but hey, forgot to write this so here it is!
  3. Intro- M4D Ritz (3 mil mastery leona)

    Nice Leona mastery, and welcome to MadCast!
  4. Patch 7.10 Discussion

    Like the Heimer change. Should see more of him.
  5. Intro - RellimGurl

    Welcome (back) to MadCast!
  6. Just joined!

    Remnar Thanks for the add! Do you need the number as well? #11298
  7. Just joined!

    Hello MadCast! Just writing this to let players know I joined this community and you can add me on Battle Net, my username is Remnar. I am usually a LoL player, but started playing HotS as well, and am getting a feel for different characters. Add me! Thanks!
  8. Monday off meta video!

    lol jungle Anivia..
  9. Pulsefire Caitlyn!

    Riot does a pretty good job these days in making nice skins. Pulsefire Cait and reworked Pulsefire Ez looks pretty nice.. good thing I don't ADC or I'd buy them!
  10. LoL - Patch 7.9

    I like the changes to crit items. Seems they made it a bit cheaper.
  11. Hey there! Just wanted to write a short statement here. Feel free to leave any and all comments and/or criticism you may have. I am always open to it! This is basically about some measures of courtesy we can all share in when it comes to League. I am specifically referring to a couple things, and these are just suggestions, so feel free to dismiss them at your leisure. I have noticed on many occasions that many League players tend to leave their clients open when they are away. I think it would help facilitate better communication and convenience for all if we start to set our status as away (red dot) when we are not looking to play League at the moment. If you are in TS and are in the AFK channel, it would be nice if we could start setting our status as away, that way we can know who is available and who isn't. I am definitely not calling anyone out, I myself have been guilty of this, but I am trying harder to make it easier for League members to know if I am available. A second suggestion, and many have probably done this already, is to make a separate MadCast Gaming folder in your friends list and put all MadCast members in there. In my own experience, it really helps a lot when I log in and look at who is online and who isn't by glancing at my MadCast folder. Again, these are just suggestions, but I feel they would help to make it easier for many members to facilitate getting a group together! Feel free to leave a comment or your own suggestion! I am always open to hearing any other perspective.
  12. MadCast Welcomes: Remnar!

    Sorry! I didn't know if I had to quote that box for it to alert you for my response directed towards your comments. My apologies.
  13. MadCast Welcomes: Remnar!

    Awesome! Side note, do I need to change things on TS to be FM status? Or do you guys do that for me, thanks!