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  1. Nice! Great post Uncle!
  2. He's annoying, but also cute, like me. I don't think I have a favorite Teemo skin, their all good in their own ways, but I do like the way the Superhero skin sounds when you use your W to run fast, it's comical!
  3. Welcome to MadCast, look forward to seeing you on the Rift!
  4. Welcome to MadCast!
  5. Welcome to MadCast!
  6. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you on the Rift!
  7. Best of luck in the climb! Hopefully someone here can help. Their are a lot of support mains in the MadCast community which makes it pretty hard to duo sometimes.
  8. I main support and am always down to try things like this for myself.
  9. lol, I like that username! Welcome to MadCast!
  10. Welcome to MadCast! Hope you enjoy the community!
  11. Welcome to MadCast!
  12. Sweet, this is actually pretty neat! I' shall claim all of North Dakota in the name of our Emperor Epic!
  13. Yeah, like others have said, I'd try contacting Riot other ways and see if they can confirm that message.
  14. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you in game!