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  1. Ahhh, you did it! lol I have one, if you'd like it, message me.
  2. Welcome! Thanks for joining the community. Glad I got to play with you during FNL (Friday Night League) and after.
  3. Happy belated Birthday 😄
  4. Welcome back. Also, I main support, so maybe I can support you sometime.
  5. I'm with Mike here. I've played the old stuff, but I'm totally down to try out this new stuff, in a group!!!
  6. Welcome. Hopefully I'll see you on the rift.
  7. I have read and agree to the terms of full membership! Also, thank you everyone, and a special shout out to my great mentor! Thanks for putting up with me Candy!
  8. Welcome Ultronftw. It was fun playing with you in the League of Learning event last night. Can't wait for more games together. See you on the rift (or the abyss) soon. 😄✌️
  9. I plan on being there, and for all my friends on TS3, I finally got my audio/mic splitter for my new headset! No more fighting over the one my bf and I were sharing. Lol
  10. First, any GoT (Game of Thrones) fans out there? I typed the title, then giggled and thought of GoT. (Let me know if you get the reference) Anyway, I am curious if anyone has big summer plans. For me, my foster dad is coming to visit me early this next month. Since, I live in a different state than my family, (4 younger sisters and my foster dad) it makes seeing everyone hard. So, I'm super excited! Also, I hope to see one of my sisters off, as she is leaving the country. I am so proud of her! She lives in Chicago right now and is attending college to earn her Masters. She plans on moving to England, with her boyfriend, to continue her education there. I think the fact that they will be closer to his family plays a part in that as well. Lol Other than that, I plan to enjoy some camping, swimming, and fishing with the kids.