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  1. Oh sweet if you are on tonight maybe we can get a few games in!
  2. Bonjour! Welcome!
  3. Gotta hop in his van first!
  4. Paintballing actually sounds like a good idea! I am going to check if there are some in the area!
  5. I am looking for someone who is a support main that is bronze 3 - gold 3. I just really want to find someone who i can climb with that i can have good synergy with! I hope i can find someone soon!!!!!
  6. I wish you luck friend!
  7. So my brothers birthday is coming up soon and I do not have anything planned yet because I am horrible at coming up with birthday ideas! So far I have only come up with taking him out to a couple bars and to the strippers, not exactly the most ideal plan but that is all i can think of. I would love to hear anyone elses ideas as it may be much better than mine. Just for a little help my brother is turning 24 and like to do things that he can engage in. Thanks peeps!!!
  8. Welcome to the forum side of MadCast!!
  9. Looks pretty sweet!
  10. Welcome and good luck!!
  11. Welcome, Hope to play with you soon!
  12. I have been saving up my gemstone for awhile now waiting on a new skin to come out for hextech crafting! The time has finally come and the choice is either Soulstealer Vayne, Hextech Annie or the brand new Dreadnova Darius which is coming out really soon! I would love everyone opinion on what to get!
  13. Can't wait to see the different approaches to this!
  14. For myself i will most likely be playing a support monk, so another support and 2 more damages would be great!
  15. Good luck man!