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  1. For those of you who have seen my post in the loa thread I will still be there tomorrow for the kick off of our d&d sessions. I will just drive over to the brothers place and borrow his desktop for the afternoon! Hopefully by next Sunday I have a new pc!
  2. I am always down to make a video of me playing support and explaining the role if ya really want to get back into plat or higher Hahhaa
  3. Alright sounds good! Can't wait to get started!!! Do we know what drapeta is playing?
  4. Give us the best that you got FM's and we will go easy on you
  5. Sounds good!
  6. If MT519 isn't up for the D&D should we find a replacement?
  7. I still do have the Triathlon that I am doing, if D&D is at the same time I am willing to give my spot up to another admin that would like to participate in the MadCast event.
  8. Does @MadCast: MT519 have anything down on his character sheet yet?
  9. Cassiopeia, Graves, Tristana, Zed, Morgana Btw this list is perfect for finding out what to target ban on people XD
  10. Welcome!
  11. I myself most likely will be free cause the mother lives 8 hours away
  12. Be there^^^^
  13. Darn! I was so exited to start this weekend!
  14. For those of you who participate in league of learning regularly the league admins and myself would appreciate if you could do a quick survey for us to be able to make this event even greater for you guys!
  15. See ya folks there!