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  1. Thought I would share just a couple photos of where I was gone to for a month and a picture of the little guy! (Sorry about the gross cod picture but yum)
  2. Hey everyone! Just a heads up that I will be back around in teamspeak and on the forums within a week and regularly ( besides working around new job hour)! Just waiting for the laptop to come back from repairs! Looking forward to play and talk to many of you guys that I haven't had the chance to do so in months!
  3. Now that I am back Daddy do can never lose! Muahaha here comes the pain nerds!
  4. Yea get on team! @MadCast: Brootos @MadCast: candymaniam @MadCast: Soupcup @BlameItOnTheLag @MadCast: Baal Lets do some scrims and figure some stuff out! Get on!!! and DM me with a better way of coming in contact with ya!
  5. Sorry but my team has the greatest name^
  6. Team Registration: Daddy Do & The Crew (Might Change) Captain: Uncle Dad Assistant: Soupcup Roster: -Baal -Brootos -BlameItOnTheLag Substitutes: Candymaniam More room for subs!
  7. Last week for signing up!
  8. I mean for people who personally want to be on a team with myself! haha
  9. Bump! For those of you still looking to get a team together toss me a message and I can get something going and we could get some team practice in before the official start of the tournament!
  10. Happy 74th!
  11. Feel better stan!
  12. Bumpity bump! Those registering to be a free agent, don't be afraid to be a captain and try to get out of your comfort zone! Who know! Maybe you will be an amazing captain!
  13. Come join us at 9pm EST for some in-house arams! Don't get confused now, Friday Night League will be the same as it has been until the kick off of our tournaments next month! Check it out and get yourself a team of your MadCast friends together or even apply as a free agent if you don't know who to team with!
  14. Hey man! Nice to see you on our website! Thanks for playing with us last night!
  15. You can also ask Uncle Dad if you have any concerns or questions about this event!