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  1. I found this tiny little creek next to some train tracks that I cross almost daily, Its been raining a lot, and this is the first time i have seen fish in it. I caught a lot more than these two here in about 45 mins. Epic jinxed my so I dropped my phone in the creek. I caught one that was probably double the weight of the large one here. I think with all the rain, these fish are escaping from ponds and reservoirs that flood.
  2. It is fun, you should go out an try it.
  3. Hey guys went urban fishing again today and caught two monsters!!!! I live inside of Birmingham, Alabama and sometimes I find it tough to make long trips out to the country for some good fishing. Believe it or not every city, even the largest have creeks and waterways all throughout them. By some miracle fish seem to be able to thrive in these places, in relative size and numbers of course. After you swallow the fact that you will probably never catch a real monster fish, the fishing can become really fun. I say grab an ultralight rod and get out there... find out what your city has to offer. I will be posting future catches here.... I would like to see if there are any other urban anglers in Madcast, maybe show us what your city can put on the table. So lets see them Angles. CrozztheMad here @madcast #catchandrelease #fishingchallenge PS, Do not eat the inner city fish you catch, its their home too.
  4. Crozz the Mad, signing up as a free agent! Jungle/top/support Rank: Silver V I am willing to captain.
  5. welcome, it was nice to see you at our events.
  6. where do i leave responses/reviews for league of learning?
  7. Awesome! welcome to MadCast.
  8. Hey man! Awesome to have you.
  9. Crozz

    Intro - Remnar

    Hey Remnar! awesome to see you apply.
  10. Hell yes!!! I agree to the terms and agreements. Thank you all so much! It means a lot to me to put on the tag and I just want to do you guys proud.
  11. Hey man I have not played online yet, but i would be down for playing with you.