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  1. @MadCast: Sotarkadin You can't start from level 1, nor should you, but if it has been long enough, there are new intro missions you can run (and you can rerun the old ones). I can also teach you anything you wish to know as well. Remember, you mastery rank (your level) is all about how many weapons or frames you have leveled to 30. Your warframe level is just that, the level of that frame. There are ways to reset the level, called formaing, but don't worry about that for now.
  2. Hello all! I would like to nominate Warframe as our monthly game. It is free to play, just recently got new content, and we are expecting a large amount of content in the next couple months. It is 100% free, no expansions to buy. I am quite experienced in the game and am able to run events regarding it. A bit about the game, Warframe is a co-op third person action space shooter fighting game. You run in squads of 4, so it is relatively easy to get a group large enough to run together.
  3. So I would say that while some lanes are harder than others, you can take almost any top laner into ANY matchup. As @MadCast: Pushover said, there are some champions that have few bad matchups. For me Illoai is that champion. Keep in mind that worse case scenario, you farm under tower, and wait for lane phase to end to do your thing. Do be very careful about something like a Teemo. There are two ways to build Teemo. The 1st way is to win lane, but to not be very useful late game, or to be useful late game, but most likely lose lane hard. Also, most top laners will just farm safely, wait for you to push, then get their jungler to gank the living daylight out of you. The same goes for ANY other sqhushy ranged carry in top. Yes it can work, but many times they will punish you for it. Once a Garen gets a little ahead for example, he can dumpster any ranged carry, including teemo, vayne, caitlyn etc. My best advice to you is to learn three champions very well, figure out all of their matchups, and play them. You will find that you can take those three champs into almost any game. For me, it is not who I face that decides the lane, it is if the enemy top gets his mid/jungle to sit on me. Granted I am a VERY aggressive laner.
  4. Hello all! I am planning on running another Terraria modded server! There will be a number of mods aimed at giving more content, making the game a bit harder, and giving lots more building options. If you are interested, let me know below! Also if you have any mod requests, make them known! I will be using tModLoader
  5. I will be there: 601 (ish probably higher) hunter.
  6. @MadCast: Kitty Stark I have a server that I run. I am waiting for an update to hit the host, then I am starting ATM 3: remix tomorrow or Thursday. Fresh World.
  7. For a while I have wished that it was pretty much set that players should be trying new champions, or ones they are not great with. Also I have actually kind of done #2 with @StargazerLilli. Basically we went into a custom and the first game I just showed jungle routes. The second game I contested things like scuttles and the third game I invaded and tried to interrupt stars jungle path. I do know that Star has gotten better, so I would like to think what we did helped a little. I would like enforcing the use of off-picks. I have wanted to do this before, but often that has put me at a disadvantage - as I am usually on a champ that I don't even really know the passive for (when I pick something new). If I know each game I play, I am going to be facing a teemo, that pretty much turns off my wish to play ANY new melee champ. In combination with what you said usefull - and the previous comments, I think a good thing to just focus on would be shotcalling. I understand the reservations that were had for my previous idea. A revision to my previous idea - this is what I would LIKE to see: 1) When it comes down to it, teammates need to respond to calls without hesitation. I know this can be REALLY hard to do though - something I have been working on. Something as simple as Jungler: "Yo Racer, Camilee is coming to destroy you" can be hard to take action to immediately IMO. I am sitting there thinking "Ok, she is coming, but I just want this one.... more..... CANNON.... *dies*". What I am getting at - at the base, we should focus on the reaction times, pathing to calls and the mechanics that go into pulling off a play (I have seen more than once a good call be made - either my team or the other - but improper pathing causes somebody to get caught out). I am always super happy to see somebody pull off a cheeky play (even if the enemy team is the one doing it). 2) For any game that you want to focus on shotcalls, it does seem like dedicated shotcallers are needed. Unsure how they should be decided upon though. For higher elo games, I think you guys often have no issue choosing your shotcaller correct? What makes that decision easier?
  8. So I think you misunderstand the purpose of the suggestion... It is not to put tons of pressure on somebody. Or to be super super duper try hard. It is an exercise. There are SUPPOSED to be mistakes. There are SUPPOSED to be bad calls. There are SUPPOSED to be calls missed. This is not dictating that you can't fight your lane opponent. It means you can not rotate to kill that squishy adc that is split pushing without the shotcaller tasking you to it. Also this NEEDS to be on a voluntary basis for the shotcaller.
  9. So an idea (this one of mainly to help newer players): - Each team has a jungler that is among the lowest elo or newest player to league (that is willing). - For both teams, the jungler is the SOLE shotcaller. - Other players will go to their lanes and farm and other lane activities (pvp too), and do NOTHING else. - When the junglers make a shotcall, anybody involved in the call will immediately follow the call. Basically this gives some newer players a chance to have total control over the game state. Ganks, lane swaps, lane pressure, objective control. It also makes it so they can actually learn without worrying about a much more seasoned player outplaying them at every turn. This is also based on the idea that when you have a decent shot caller - if every call is followed to the point, your chances of winning are pretty good. Heck there was even a pro team that got pretty far purely for always going in when a call was made (to my understanding, they were not that good). I am unsure if this would work for the higher elo groups, but based on conversations I often hear in post games - usually around the lines of "people were not following calls" or "too many people were making calls" and "not sure what the right call is" - I think it could be an interesting experiment.
  10. I wish all of the teams good luck. This looks like it will be a good season!