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  1. Monthly Art Drawing~~ [poro champions!]

    Blackfrost Anivia
  2. MadCast League Season II

    I think this would be fun, but I think I'd have too many issues with my work scheduled to participate, best of luck to everyone.
  3. Discord Bot requests/suggestions

    I think it would also be good to have an info bot. One with specific requests or commands to help people navigate the server where they should go. I think the bots are also capable of notifying admins of new people as well, might be a useful function
  4. And this is why you don't gank Faker mid

    I didn't know you're able to dodge reksai ult
  5. MadCast is switching to Discord

    Teamspeak was good for it's time, but I'm definitely happy that we're making the switch
  6. Intro - Indiscriminate

  7. Friday Night League 9/29/17

    I wish I could show up, I'm working tonight.
  8. Intro - OnceSane

  9. Preseason Update - Forge Your Path

    I've heard mixed opinions about it, some people think the runes will ruin balance for a long time, though I am excited for the BE store, especially since I've spent somewhere along the lines of 250k on runes and pages.
  10. Technical Difficulty(Ignore post pls) Where to find the bbcode link on imgur
  11. Technical Difficulty(Ignore post pls)

    If you put it on imgur and use the BBcode format to link it, it doesn't matter how big it is, it'll show up.
  12. Technical Difficulty(Ignore post pls)

    The image didn't post
  13. Divinity OS2 - Really Really Really LFG!

    I'd be willing to play with you sometime in the future, right now I don't have 45 to spend on a video game, so I'm sticking to the free to play, however, I do think this game looks impressively good.
  14. Intro, MidnightIstarZ

    Hey now. The worst that could happen is I make people hungry from my food posts.
  15. Ugh, still hot in Texas

    made me think of this