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  1. Late registration: Team Name: Pepega L9 Team Captain: Klavion Mtthoag P1NEAPPLES icecreamman104 ZingsBlade Ammasu
  2. Thank you to all that have signed up. This thread is being LOCKED. If a team wishes to sign up late they need to PM me or reach out via Discord DM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. No entries will be accepted after 11:30 A.M. EST. Tentative bracket barring any late registrations: Seeds were shuffled and randomly assigned.
  3. @MexicanB3AR @MadCast: Craiden @Danyo11G @AnHa @lll Loki llll There are 5 of you in this thread right now without a team, and you have enough to start your own if you are interested!!
  4. I'm pleased to announce that the prizing for the tournament is a $10 RP card for each member of the winning team! Good luck everyone!
  5. @MadCast: CoachRivers has applied to become a RFM and successfully garnered the 75% vote required and has thus earned RFM status. Please join me in congratulating MadCast: CoachRivers as our newest addition to the admin ranks. MadCast: CoachRivers, Please Grab Your Hammer and Make Your Way Here. Congratulations!
  6. @IxxRichardxxI has failed to achieve the necessary votes to become a full member of MadCast. IxxRichardxxI may contact an SFM for a brief explanation of the reason(s) their candidacy was unsuccessful via the #candidate-chat or by private message on Discord or the forums. Failed [C]'s may re-apply unless banned. If successful on their second try, they become tagged full members on a probationary basis for 20 days, with probationary status converting to complete full member status on the 21st day barring Staff objection.
  7. Slicu Dicu follows in the footsteps of Touten. He is a young man with sad eyes and carrying a traditional blade. He is known as a precision fighter who will strike down anyone who crosses him. He's extremely methodical, and willing to take things slowly for total victory.
  8. I beat @MadCast: Support Welfare but we both died.
  9. I defeated @MadCast: Vyoletta in a duel, and she did survive with wounded status.
  10. Maruko McGwireson follows in the footsteps of Touten. He is a young man with fierce eyes and carrying a kanabo. He is known as a free-swinger who will strike down anyone who crosses him. He's extremely bold, and willing to risk it all for total victory.
  11. Hi there Jeraax! I dropped you a message on Discord. Feel free to @ tag myself, MadCast: Kitty Stark, or MadCast: Aeryx if/when you would like to apply for candidacy! Looking forward to meeting you soon!
  12. MadCast Town Halls are meetings where representatives from current games branches and general administration will be present to give reports and answer questions from the community. The next Town Hall will be in our Discord May 13th, 2019 @ 9PM EST. In addition, senior admins will be available and opportunities will be given for FMs and candidates to ask questions or express input about MadCast's game offerings, administrative policy, and other matters of concern. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone there!
  13. Hi there! Here's the information you need: You are now a candidate for Full Membership. When in Discord, please wear the [C] tag, as in [C] Deluded. Additionally, you now have access to #candidates-chat. Please find a Candidate Coordinator on Discord (myself, @MadCast: Kitty Stark or @MadCast: Aeryx) for a full introduction and initial question and answer session. In one month the Senior Full Members will vote on your membership. Should you pass, you will become a Full Member. You will then be required to wear the MadCast name tag, in your case, MadCast: Deluded. Should you fail, you may reapply and the candidacy period will begin again. A few tips for a successful candidacy: Familiarize yourself with the MadCast Code of Conduct everyone is expected to abide by. You can also check out New to MadCast section for more information! Be regularly active on the forums! Try to check it at least a few times per week and participate in topics that interest you. Share anything you find interesting, because odds are someone else will too! Forum activity is an important component of successful candidacies. Join our Discord Server! Even if you don’t or can’t use voice chat, you’re welcome to listen in. Playing games with members on our server is a good way for them to get to know you on a personal level. Attend events hosted by MadCast that have many people in one place that you can meet and leave a good impression on. Use the same username on the forums and Discord, as well as in-game, when possible. If you aren’t able to do this, make sure that the members you play with know who you are. They can’t leave comments on your thread if they don’t know which one is yours! Join the MadCast Public Group to make it easy for us to contact you, and for updates on Steam. If you have any issues you can contact one of our current admins. Feel free to post general questions regarding the candidacy process and community in the Discord #candidate-chat channel. Full Members will be able to satisfy most of your curiosities about the basics of being a part of MadCast. If you have questions regarding your candidacy or the process to become a Full Member, please attempt to contact current Full Members via #candidate-chat in Discord first. If your concern has to do with conduct or issues with another player, feel free to reach out to an admin. Last but not least, the requirement for you to even be eligible to be voted on can be found here.
  14. Hello all, Here is a thread that can be used if you are a solo player seeking a team to join. Team captains looking for players should take a look at this thread and message anyone interested! To facilitate things as efficiently as possible, please include: In-game name: Position(s): Rank: Availability/Time Zone: As well as anything else you think is relevant. Please post only once if you are a free agent. Any duplicate posts or bump posts not by myself or another admin will be removed. Thanks!