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  1. Congrats Baal! That's awesome!
  2. Welcome! I'm looking forward to playing with you and learning some new tricks!!
  3. Good luck!
  4. Should be. It's up for Pre-Order on my Xbox One.
  5. My home was built in like 2004 or so, not overly big, and the electrical work was done very well I believe. There actually isn't much noise near the router at all. Honestly, the router is the only thing in that room that is regularly used when plugged in. My room would just be like TV, gaming system, and my laptop. Amazon is really good with returns, so I'm considering just doing it and returning it if it doesn't work.
  6. Welcome Hanker! Good to see this, and I look forward to playing with you soon!
  7. I appreciate it. Wonton, your assumptions are pretty spot on. The issue is fairly new this time in the fact that it's persisted over the course of a couple weeks. Usually it's just a bad day, or a bad weekend, and I just chalk it up to maintenance or something and move on. It's just become so obnoxious, and the worst part is it turns from a ping issue to a desync issue, which I used to have tons of problems with when I played Arma. Do y'all think one of those Magic Plugs that do the Ethernet over the electrical grid is a good idea?
  8. Congrats man! That's awesome!
  9. Welcome and good luck!
  10. Hey guys! It's time again for your weekly installment of Friday Night League. Last time we had a blast with our competitive Rift games. As always, the crowd gets the choice on what we do! Come on out at 9 P.M. EST to have a quality time!
  11. What's up guys, So my family lately has been running into a rather annoying wireless problem. Basically, our WiFi just slows down to a hault for no apparent reason at random points, no matter how many devices are on it, no matter what those devices are doing, etc. etc. Occasionally it will even boot everyone off. Our internet service provider is Windstream, who is terrible. Their customer service is garbage and they won't help you unless you're willing to buy a new modem/router combo. Are there any tricks that you guys use? There's usually 4 devices on the network at the time, usually 3 iPhones doing normal stuff like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, nothing too special, and then me gaming on either my XBone or laptop (I take my phone off the WiFi during this time). Most of the time, I sit at 40-90 ping. I don't lag at all, and I actually have a very enjoyable experience. But as of late things have just been terrible. After looking into my router settings, I see nothing wrong, but occasionally under the ARP tab an IP address or two show up as 'incomplete' when things slow down. I've tried port forwarding in the past, with no measurable success. We have 3 MB/s connection (rural area), but I hardly ever see my download speed sniff 1.0 MB/s. Would this be something that I should confront my ISP about, or is this throttling common? Thanks, Mike
  12. This. I played for a couple years. I didn't realize the Coven actually costed money, which kind of sucks. Either way, I'd be down for some ToS for the nostalgia
  13. Honestly, I've been working team camps the past couple of weeks, and summer class has started. After next week the teams all leave and I'll have more free time on my hands to tackle this. I really appreciate all of the replies guys.
  14. Loved the old ToS. I'd be down to give the new stuff a go, I would just need people to do it with XD
  15. Welcome man! Glad to have you! I'll catch ya on the Rift sometime soon