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  1. I saw that after I posted. I'm really close to being able to buy Galio at 3150 IP, but I'm not spending 20 bucks for the skin, hope I snag it out of a chest or something.
  2. When does this gatekeeper and new Galio become available?
  3. Good luck!!!
  4. SC is a great team when they shoot well, and they shot the hell out of it the past two games. I'm actually in the population who thinks that they have a real chance against Baylor. If they beat Baylor, they could easily wind up in Glendale.
  5. Yeah, they took an L. RIP Duke, RIP my bracket. Try again next year I guess. South Carolina played out of their minds.
  6. Welcome! I remember you from that event and I'm looking forward to playing more games with you!
  7. Duke needs to pick it up....
  8. I'm reading Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes for a class, and it's quite interesting if you're into political science/psychology. Also The Prince by Machiavelli is an interesting take on politics and human nature.
  9. Dammit Vanderbilt, all I ask is that you don't intentionally foul when you are AHEAD. Thank you. Also VCU, why, I had so much hope!
  10. However Epic you didn't realize that the truth isn't all that great in everyone, so you dip deep into depression from all the horrors you hear. My new superpower is to understand every scientific concept and be able to put it into action (basically Tony Stark in Iron Man).
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. However you didn't take into account that you couldn't recreate your own body without knowing exactly how the human molecular structure is, so you are stuck as molecules forever. My power is quite simple actually: flight.
  13. Welcome! Looking forward to playing matches with you!
  14. Welcome to the community! Looking forward to playing some games with you!
  15. Happy birthday!!!