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  1. pretty proud of myself to be honest, its always nice to figure things out on your own and really get a good idea on how to play some characters. games with ad range is starting to become really easy. grats to myself and thanks oliver
  2. grats! hopefully this all works out for you. glad to hear nice things happen to good people
  3. lol you really didnt tell me anything but whatever you say
  4. I just want to see some bragging by my fellow clan mates, Whenever you carry take a screenshot post it and brag about it. ill try to start it off with my varus carry. our darius was using ap runes and our swain was using ad runes and masteries. they had lag and couldnt trade at champ select and lost their lanes horribly although me and blitz pulled it out and went 6/0 bot and i stole drag with my q. i kept soraka,mf with ga up, and kayle off baron by myself with half health. kennen respawns as my team was doing baron and i caught him in my ult before he reached me in river and he went down for a easy kill leading to the winning push.
  5. it wont be aquaman, he is together with mera, and it offends me that you think he is a lesser super hero. read dc 52 series aquaman has one of the best stories out right now.
  6. welcome! and que with these people droode! they are fun to play with