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  1. not a problem. server is now live, i'm jumping from ts to ts and discord to discord talking to different communities and trying to get some Military groups to join! hype as fuck right now hope to see you and everyone else with the game online some time soon !!
  2. |BlackIce|Mods|RPVP|75K|PubCops|GangBases| Mod link Discord Link
  3. thanks yall, been working early mornings and getting stuff out of not just my place but a lot of the other homes in the area. so much stuff! but that's not even the worst part, its the damn media and press using this as a lead story and on top of all that people in my neighborhood are trying to use that and get free stuff.... making it seem like us working people are welfare bums and that we are in need.
  4. hey guys haven't been on for the past few days, we got hit with a flood. lots of damages and loss of items but we are ok. ill pop in here and there i'm back to work tomorrow so my morning LoL is no more
  5. Made for forum post on steam to bring in even more people to the server we are currently at 26 active players non Madcast members
  6. best show hands down. its to bad its going to end
  7. Man what a week, got a lot done added over 300 gear items 100 weapons a ton of scripts and addons! its looking good yall, almost ready to start posting on the Arma/Altis Forums
  8. thx candy
  9. thanks u2.
  10. thank you guys
  11. congrats rell!
  12. Hi my name is Matteo aka MT519 for those that don't know me I been in madcast for 7-8 months now thanks to "EPIC"! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself as a person and gamer. Well where do I begin? I am a father of 4 young kids and a been with my girlfriend for 11 years. My current occupation is a chef of 13 years at the University of Windsor. Now my gaming habits consist of RTS/MMO/LoL/FPS and the list goes on. My favorite games are the Total War series I will always recommend these games to anyone! Now that you have the jist. of who I am let me tell you why I think I will be a great addition to this community and its staff. I am wanting to step up and become a RFM in madcast because I think I can bring a different flare to the admin scene and introduce a hole new ball game of fun and excitement to our community! I am wanting to introduce my skills as a server developer for the worlds largest military simulators Arma3. I been working on many arma servers from milsim to RP life servers over the past 3-4 years. seeing server bring in 50-100 people a day all day and still continue to grow. This is what i want to bring into madcast, a new community base of people and swell our ranks with new members. I'm a person that shoots higher then expected and has the drive to continue that push to the top. I love being apart of MadCast and what it stands for as a community and I thank all that consider me as a RFM Blood for the BLOOD GOD! MT519