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  1. ARK: Day one full retail release.

    I have like 1700+ hours in ark would love to play with some Madcast members aswell. Non Official ofcourse because thats just a grind
  2. Intro - RellimGurl

    welcome to MadCast
  3. Intro - Dealhound

    Hows it going DealHound hope to catch you in some games later on.
  4. Introduction: HustleButter

    welcome HustleButter hope to get to play some games with you soon.
  5. Introduction: Ahryse

    Hello and welcome to Madcast Gaming Community, hope to see you in some of the games this community is apart of.
  6. MadCast Welcomes: racerdelux

    Welcome to the MadCast Family man glad to have ya here
  7. NFL 2017 Regular Season Schedule

    oh yea Packers all up in this Thread i love it
  8. NFL 2017 Regular Season Schedule

    lol good luck with that, hopefully they have officials to check the air in all the footballs each game ;P
  9. NFL 2017 Regular Season Schedule

    So the new 2017 NFL Season is upon us starting September 7th and figured i would start by saying Go Pack Go! Here is a link to the 2017 Regular Season Schedule. 2017 Schedule
  10. Intro - Crook

    Welcome to MadCast hope to play some games with you soon.
  11. TheNoyZ1 Intro

    Welcome to to MadCast hope to see you on the Rift soon.
  12. Hosting Game Servers!

    I guess i could be persuaded to offer my assistance ;P
  13. League of Learning 4/20 9:00pm EST

    I'll be there with bells on
  14. League of Learning 4/20/17

    count me in
  15. Mark on the map where you live!!!!!

    Figured i would go ahead a represent Kentucky, Map Marker Activated!