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  1. Good playing with you last night.
  2. Good luck man
  3. welcome welcome
  4. Welcome welcome. Hope to see you on the rift. Oh, happy anniversary as well
  5. hows your candidacy so far?
  6. congratulations
  7. just got it
  8. Good luck man. Cant say much for your successes in Maplestory, having never played it myself, but as far as your officer experience in WoW, I've got nothing but good things to say. Rogues forever haha
  9. im looking at the charge barb. good for longer range pulls, drag them to you for the aoe pull but if we get another supp, id also be more than happy to roll damage
  10. any idea what class youll be playing?
  11. Thanks for all the love guys! love, guys... not love guys. Punctuation is important haha
  12. Good deal. If youre looking for a 3rd I'll be playing as well. Might even drag candy in too
  13. Good luck man.
  14. good luck man