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  1. You may have tried this already, but have you attempted to run them in compatibility mode? For a couple older games (RIP Sierra,) I had to set up a virtual box. not too difficult but can be labor intensive.
  2. This is one to take to heart. There is a huge difference between taking the "safe" route, grabbing an inhib and resetting when the enemy can mount a reasonable defense, and deciding to back and baron when the enemy team can't stop you from winning.
  3. Hey hey, Funday Monday is here again. Swing by for some off meta shenanigans. be in Discord early for your spot
  4. They synergize really well. With multiple purifying flames coming out at a time both spreading and popping existing consecrated ground, its just constant damage plus a nice bit of regen for if something does manage to get close to you
  5. Hello hello. Tonight we will be running our weekly meta free Monday, giving a break from the stress of ranked. Swing by for some shenanigans on both the rift and murder bridge.
  6. I can give some pointers on trading/cd windows and whatnot. Former ADC/Jungle main, though I have preferred top for several seasons now.
  7. giving the new spells a try as a totem build should be stuuuuupid aoe edit: low 40s and a hierophant. can confirm aoe damage is ridiculous
  8. No words, but an incredible example of Spanish guitar.
  9. I especially enjoyed the one on picking your fights. So many games are won or lost over a random skirmish in the jungle that had no business happening.
  10. More of an Iron Man in the cave scene. Frankensteined a laptop network card onto my PC. Wasn't pretty, but it worked for the night
  11. Some great Funday Monday Matches
  12. Hey all, Funday Monday is here again. Epic will be stepping in to host this week as I lost my voice over the weekend. I'll still be in comms, but this week will be his show. Hop in Discord early and we will make sure to get you in
  13. So... new Kayle... pick/ban or pick/ban?