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  1. Weekly bump. Starting @9PM EST
  2. Good shit!!
  3. @MadCast: Mike Look at this guy, coming in with LoL post #2
  4. LoL will be happening @ 9PM EST
  5. Hop on Discord to see who's online
  6. Welcome welcome, man!! Had a good time playing with you. Swing by some more events, got League of Learning on Thursday, and Friday Night ARAMS we do also have a Blizzard games branch to help scratch that Overwatch itch
  7. Welcome welcome. Glad to be working with ya
  8. Holding this @9PM EST as usual Hope to see you all there!!
  9. Ridiculous game to watch, 10K deficit at 26 and one of the biggest turnarounds I've seen (certainly the biggest on the pro scene) Definitely worth a watch. Any thoughts?
  10. ill be there
  11. Player name: Baal0666 Level: 30 Rank: Unranked Preferred Role: Top/Fill I'm signing up as a free agent Would prefer not to captain (we should make an admin team )
  12. bumping for glory
  13. I'll be there
  14. Welcome welcome. Not likely to play with ya unless you slip over to the dark side of LoL, but it's good to see new people
  15. Bumping