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  1. @MadCast: Support Welfare added to the rotation @MadCast: Dez It's a good one when people play it properly. Last couple times we've tried it though, there's always one team that just starts goon squading it around level 3-4
  2. I've never really been able to get into podcasts myself (always felt too much like talk radio,) but my sister is a huuge fan of Last Podcast on the Left
  3. Quite possibly the most beautiful blade I've ever seen.
  4. @Nimli biggest thing with a kiddo, is just to let them be themselves. You set rules as far as acceptable behavior and whatnot, but outside of that let your little dude be himself. If he only wants to go to boy's parties, that's his call. Also, at his age, that's perfectly normal. When he gets older, if he has any questions about it, then would be the time to bring up the many many different forms sexuality takes. Until then, he's a kid, let him be one
  5. @MadCast: Kitty Stark The Fiat Spider and Mazda Miata (and to a lesser extent, the Scubaru BRZ) are a continuation of the smaller roadsters. Small, nimble, and fun to drive, even if they aren't absurdly fast or laying down a 1/4 mile of rubber. If a car isn't fun at 60 on a dirt road or windy mountain run, I'm not a fan haha. Older Lambos and Ferraris fit the bill, but the new crop of performance minded vehicles don't have the same joy of driving just to drive. I have been lucky enough to pilot a ridiculous number of ridiculous cars, but the V* Tiger is still hands down my favorite vehicle to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, if I want one, I'm probably going to have to build it myself lol. Pic for those who aren't familiar.
  6. @MadCast: Al Shifra I'm definitely down. Big fan of American muscle, but lately I've been getting into smaller roadsters (Sunbeam Tiger, MGB, TR8, that sort of critter)
  7. Hey all. Monday is here again and the best way to beat the start of the week blues is some off meta fuckery. Swing by for some good times in League. Be in Discord early for your spot
  8. Hey man. Happy to see you applying.
  9. RAM is a little low, but other than that, your rig should be fine for a while I'd wait a bit for any big upgrades, the GeForce 20 series is great, but should have a bit more price dropping left to do.
  10. Hey all Funday Monday is upon us again. Swing by for some off meta fuckery hosted by yours truly. Be in Discord early for your spot
  11. So, I don't know how many of you are car guys/gals, but I rediscovered one of my old favorite series. "Roadkill," if you aren't familiar, is a program done by a couple guys from Hot Rod magazine, where they take absolute shit vehicles and make them do things they shouldn't, with mixed results. I recommend anybody with a passing interest in cars check it out. I have a short clip here of an old Ford F6 with a shortened frame and a rear mounted engine standing almost completely up. Enjoy. Also, I figured this would be a good spot for the more mechanically minded MadCasters to congregate and share ideas, projects and stories.
  12. Took a trip to Illinois, didn't like it, burnt it down