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  1. Not debating whether hotdogs are good or bad, debating whether they are sandwiches. Fucks sake Kitty, keep up
  2. If the action is taken, even in part, by an official you had the option to vote for/against, I say no. And as far as abstaining as a protest, it accomplishes nothing.
  3. Was hoping for a long lost twin story
  4. My Teemo was taken, so jungle Twitch Also @MadCast: Epic Any relation?
  5. Conversation started in the SFM Election thread and I figured I'd make it into its own thing. I have always viewed voting on any official in any capacity to be more of a responsibility than a right. Outside of rare cases, not voting only says that you don't care enough to vote, and I have no time for you.  It has also always been my view that if you don't vote, you have no right to complain about any elected official. Fight Me
  6. Her kit is phenomenal if you actually use it. If all you do is hide in your ADC and q spam, she's trash. Mostly, if you're good with her, you'll do fine.
  7. I can help you run through some of the earlier content. Less experience with endgame stuff as when I played a lot, most of it wasn't a thing yet
  8. still going with single piece of bread=not a sandwich
  9. But are open faced sandwiches still sandwiches, or are they just a pile of food on top of bread?
  10. Hey all Funday Monday is here again! Swing by for some off-meta shenanigans. Be in Discord early for your spot Modes and feedback can be found here.