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  1. Funday Monday 11/12 @9EST

    I will be around to spectate, but playing is nowhere near being an option. Can play while shitty drunk, can play (some champs- Looking at you Garen) one handed. Can't do both
  2. PC Build Contest!

    Generally when I help people with a build, it involves me fabricating a case and coolant system, multiple MoBs/chipsets and around 5k when it's all said and done.
  3. PC Build Contest!
  4. League of Learning 11-1-2018

    @MadCast: RopesAreRadare you ready?
  5. Funday Monday 10/29 @9EST

    Hey all. Sorry for the late post, but Funday Monday is here again! Swing by for your weekly break from the meta Be in Discord early for your spot
  6. intro; doublestufforeo

    doublestufforeo has failed to achieve the necessary votes to become a full member of MadCast. doublestufforeo may contact an SFM for a brief explanation of the reason(s) their candidacy was unsuccessful. Failed [C]'s may re-apply unless banned. If successful on their second try, they become tagged full members on a probationary basis for 20 days, with probationary status converting to complete full member status on the 21st day barring Staff objection.
  7. Funday Monday 10/22 @9EST

    Hey hey, The weekend is over, but at least it's Funday Monday time again Swing by for your weekly break from the meta. Be in Discord early for your spot.
  8. Movie Tuesdays! (Monday was taken...)

    I will try to make it
  9. Apps for stats in LoL

    I used to use lolking, but have no idea if it's still any good
  10. Funday Monday 10/15 @9EST

    Hey all, Funday Monday is here again and will be run at 9EST. Hop in Discord early for your spot
  11. MadCast Welcomes: Wazap

    Congrats and welcome!
  12. Continued Film Drinking Games

    and boomsticks... it also has boomsticks
  13. MadCast Welcomes: Simaniac

    Congrats and Welcome
  14. Funday Monday 10/8 @9EST

    Hey all Mondays here, so that means its time for your weekly break from the meta hop in discord early for your spot
  15. I Built an Arcade

    Looks good man!