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  1. Member to Member Award Nominations

    Ribbons distributed As Epic said, thank you. All of your efforts help enrich this community and are greatly appreciated.
  2. Color Madness Item Sets

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together man. Funday Monday post updated with your link
  3. Games of Yester-year

    Pretty sure thats how you get put on a list lol
  4. Gaming Slump

    Try out a game thats completely different from what you normally play. I go back to Skyrim or Borderlands now and then for that reason
  5. Funday Monday 5/14 @9PM EST

    Great news everyone! Our favorite event (Funday Monday) is here again! Victors or victims, Its all about having a good time Open to suggestions on new modes (suggestion thread here) Try to be in Discord early to ensure your spot Everyone is welcome, but preferential placement goes to FMs and Candidates Go Vote for SFMs
  6. MadCast Promotes: RedJustice

    Need to get her her own event now. We can call it the Red's Green show God I'm old
  7. Discord: Role Changes & Privileges

    Be mindful that channels don't auto delete, so when you leave, take your room with ya
  8. Great Games Go!

    Hardest part was getting my drivers updated and coming in 10 minutes into the game
  9. MadCast Promotes: RedJustice

    Reds an admin again!! Run for cover! Good to see ya in green
  10. Great Games Go!

    Was playing support Jhin for the first half of this ARAM, 0/1/9. Then Dark Harvest started to take off and it went so very well.
  11. Funday Monday 5/7 @9PM EST

    You've caught on to my subliminal campaigning... Guess I'm back to dosing the water supply
  12. Funday Monday 5/7 @9PM EST

    the world may never know
  13. Funday Monday 5/7 @9PM EST

    Hey guys and gals Funday Monday is here again Swing by for a break from the meta Comments and suggestions go here Be in Discord early for your spot
  14. Funday Monday 2.5

    We already have events for in house norms (League of Learning/Madcast League) The entire point is to get a break from playing essentially the same game over and over The "contrived" game modes may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they are the core of the event
  15. MadCast Welcomes: Edge Queen

    haha welcome welcome