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  1. welcome welcome. crazy mastery haha. i smell target bans in your future
  2. gratz monkey
  3. welcome welcome. glad to see you applying
  4. havent seen it in forever, but i loved "9" now that im not 10 anymore (when i first saw it) "Watership Down" is an amazing movie. just gave me so many nightmares when i was little haha
  5. Been playing the guitar for around 15 years, and im told i have a pretty solid singing voice. fronted a couple truly awful garage bands in my day haha Went to school for culinary arts for a couple years, dropped out when i realized i was already making more warehousing than I would as a chef Currently a handyman/general contractor and can disassemble a reassemble most anything from memory When i took the ASVAB i had the highest GT and MM scores recorded on the Eastern seaboard for any Marine enlistee
  6. ill be there
  7. gratz panda!
  8. welcome welcome. for future reference, try using a lighter font color. black is hard to read on the dark background
  9. still no clue why rito forced the new client before all of its features/functionality were ready
  10. would love to see a heatmap from you on that game. an hour of draven= like a million clicks (I counted)
  11. His kit can be super strong if you know how to use it. My only complaint is that he never stops talking haha
  12. One of my favorite events. Nice to see people having to break out of the meta
  13. if going support teemo, which i cant in good conscience recommend, the on hit/tankmo hybrid is the way to go. Slows with frozen mallet and his shrooms wont one shot the wave so your adc can still get farm relatively easily
  14. Love to be there, but 5 est is almost always a bad time for me with work and all. Good luck to everyone
  15. Good times as I've come to expect with these guys. I especially liked the first game where we switched up roles. Even if you main a different position, its imperative to know the other roles to be an effective part of a team