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  1. League of Learning 3/15/2018 @9EST

    Hello all League of learning is returning tonight, continuing this month's focus on trading in lane be on early for your spot
  2. Funday Monday 3/12 @9PM EST

    Hey Hey, Funday Monday is here again. Swing by for a good time
  3. INTRO/mgroves1114

    Glad to see you applying man! Great feedback last week!
  4. Karaoke Night

    Giving this a bump. Really looking forward to this. We run these, like all of our events for all of you guys If it's a hit (as I hope) this can be a wonderful way to drag people who normally don't interact with people from other branches together
  5. Friday Night League 3/9

    Hey all Swing by tonight at 9EST for some drunken shenanigans
  6. Karaoke Night

    If the interest is there, we'll work out a format. Very happy to give this a go, and I think we can all have a great time with it
  7. Funday Monday 3/5 @9PM EST

    Hey guys and gals! Funday Monday is here again. Swing by for your weekly break from the meta. Be in Discord early to guarantee your spot, and as always, post any ideas you have for new modes here
  8. MadCast Promotes: Daddy

    Congratz and welcome back Uncle
  9. Friday Night League 3/2/2018

    Sorry I wasnt able to make it. had a hell of a windstorm and lost power along with 8 trees on my property
  10. AMD Ryzen 7, is it worth it?

    AMD fan here always had bad luck with intel chipsets, but it may be just that, bad luck
  11. taric support question

    nah, go full bruiser, you're the real carry
  12. Funday Monday 2/26 @9PM EST

    Hey hey hey, Funday Monday is here again. swing by for your weekly break from the meta
  13. I need a new playlist!

    Check out Vintage Trouble.
  14. HotS Dojo @9PM EST

    Hey guys, sorry for the late post I'll be running the dojo tonight @9PM Hope to see you guys there
  15. MadCast Welcomes: Namflow

    Congratz Nami!!