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  1. Welcome and good luck!
  2. Hey all. Been a while, but Funday Monday is back! Gonna be running some Ultimate Bravery There will be a strawpoll once we get a group going to see whether we are playing on the Rift or the good ol Murder Bridge. Be in Discord early for your spot.
  3. If we could all be more like these guys, none of these conversations would be needed
  4. Again, not my views, but if this particular event wasn't hosted by a known hatemonger, these could and would be perfectly valid arguments. In this case, the motivations are fairly plain. It is however, a solid place to start a conversation about whether any individual, for any reason, should be allowed to set up an event such as this (provided it isn't coming from a place of hate.) The contention here being that pride in identity (any part of your identity) isn't a zero-sum game. For example, Major being incredibly proud to be Scottish does not in any way invalidate my pride in being from the US, nor should it.
  5. In a perfect world, we would have no need for gay, straight, or anything in between, Pride. We would simply accept each other as complex individuals, rather than fixating on one particular aspect of our persons. Until that day comes, when examining issues like this, be it "White History Month" or "Straight Pride," one has to consider why their counterpart exists. Was it out of a need to educate, a need to rally, or simply a need to belong (even for a short time?) Without getting into the bag of cats that is "Who has been more wronged?" when one side has been excluded from history or granted lesser rights, there is a need for exposure. That being said, does one group having their own version of Pride devalue any/all of the others? As the arguments above read, that answer would seem to be yes. If that is the case, shouldn't there be a Pride event for every single group that any one person could claim allegiance to, or run the risk of belittling whatever aspect of their being that they identify with? The assertion that a Straight Pride parade demeans the idea of a Gay Pride parade has to at least infer the inverse. I have my own opinions on this that I am more than willing to discuss (they don't exactly line up with the arguments here, and they sound better than they read.) These are just some thoughts to chew on.
  6. I'll hop into group 1 or ,if we get a bunch of people new to the series, I can head up a nublet friendly group
  7. Hey all, Many apologies for the dearth of Funday Mondays in the last few weeks, but good news! I won't be running one this week either Instead Munsa is running an event for Minion Masters which is very fun and I urge anyone who would normally be at my shindig to attend. His event can be found here The Steam link to download is here Hope to see you all there!
  8. I believe that would be a Fellowship award
  9. Going to look at running an Open House this Wednesday for anyone who is interested
  10. @MadCast: RedJustice is a good place to get some ideas on what to prioritize. As I have said to anyone starting out, you will probably scrap/respec your first character. There are a lot of us who are very familiar with the game around who can help avoid some of the less obvious pitfalls, some can help with more traditional builds, others with some of the goofy ones that PoE lets you try
  11. Bit of a bump as the month is rolling over soon. I will be hosting an Open House to discuss the game with anyone who may be interested. I urge anyone who has played it, or is interested in doing so to show up.
  12. To continue with the useful links, this site has some of the most comprehensive guides I have found
  13. Link to my previous post with useful links and a pretty solid leveling guide
  14. Hello and welcome to another Monday Apologies for the late post, but we will still be hosting Funday Monday at its normal time. This week's gamemode will be magedcs information on modes and a spot for feedback can be found here
  15. With the increase in interest in Tera, I have gathered some relevant links for you all to make your journeys through Arborea easier Steam Link: - Link to download Home page: - Gives up to date Info straight from the horses mouth Community Wiki: - Built by fans, for fans. Provides nearly every piece of information you will need, barring patches that have yet to be included (for that, see home page Beginners guide (Video): - Lots of helpful tips for leveling quickly and efficiently And of course, I will also answer any questions to the best of my abilities. Hope to see you all soon!
  16. It's a baby burrito! Gratz to you both!
  17. There have also been a fair few of game specific policies that have been adapted and adopted into our community as a whole, meaning a lot of the "irrelevant" threads/posts will need to be combed through which is a mountain of work in and of itself.
  18. With the rotating games becoming a thing, I figured it was a good time to revisit Tera. Tera is a free to play MMORPG with action based combat, dodging and aiming skills, timing attacks and playing around ally's abilities. Got a few people who are interested and would like to toss it out there as an option for a monthly game. I would be more than willing to run it if it is chosen. If it isn't, but there is still sufficient interest, I will still set it up on my own, but wanted to put it up for consideration.
  19. Looks like a lot going on in there. Should be a good time. Might actually roll a trapsin again
  20. Funday Monday is here again! Swing by for a few matches of Team Item. Information on modes and a convenient spot for feedback can be found here. Be in Discord early for your spot
  21. I was thinking more to ease reading the labels without pulling them out but sure
  22. Looks good man Love the contrast with your finishes You may be able to sneak some LEDs around the edges, give it a bit of a backlight glow
  23. I will also attempt to be there. I was considering running Funday Monday alongside, but I don't want to pull anyone that may be interested away.