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  1. welcome:)
  2. good luck friend:D long live the muffin.
  3. good luck son! mom is proud:D
  4. yayy! great job
  5. was fun playing with you today:D welcome!
  6. good luck:) u were one of the first people who talked to me in here and helped me out:D
  7. You made it!! Happy for you playa;)
  8. omg yes!! but probably my timezone wouldnt be able to work with this:\
  9. omg you r so lucky!!! he is the best mentor<3 good luck:)
  10. welcome:)
  11. was good playing with you today Sir;) and welcome!
  12. Omgg thats amazing i love it
  13. welcome:) hope ill see you on the rift:)
  14. welcomee:)
  15. hey publicbutthole (here 's something i never thought i would write lol) good luck and welcome:)