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  1. Community Game Night: Trivia Murder Party

    ill try to make it hope i wont be alseep till then:)
  2. Introduction - Antherz

    welcome and goodluck:) i play pubg and lol so we can play together:)
  3. Community Game Night: Jackbox Party Pack

    even thats half makeable for me! ill stick around as much as i can till i pass out:D
  4. Custom PUBG inhouse

    i enjoeyd it very much ty
  5. Custom PUBG inhouse

    im in.KAR98!
  6. MadCast Promotes: Sanjo

    oh niceee good luckk!!
  7. Intro ¬ Nimli

    hey welcome:) i mean uk i love harry potter:P which server do you play?
  8. Happy Birthday Epic!

    you got it right:)
  9. Happy Birthday Epic!

    יום הולדת שמח!!!!
  10. Off Hours League Event Interest Thread

    Well anytime from from 3pm -7 pm est. Any inhouses is great:) Ty so much!!!
  11. hello, Im xRoadRunner here to say hi!

    welcome:) @MadCast: Epic @MadCast: Kajyu
  12. Intro- Kevi Bear

    welcome:) @MadCast: Epic @MadCast: Kajyu
  13. MadCast Promotes: Baal

    grats budd:)
  14. Who are YOUR Favorite Pro Players?

    ohh well i love watching the lcs. im still not pretty good in how every1 is playign so ill just say who enjoy watching play the most. (im following more eu lcs so ya). top: Huni always suprise me, his champion pool is amazing and i love his aggresive plays (now in skt i love him less because hes less ad a carry role and more a tanky player). jungle- bengi! i feel faker is amazing right, but those amazing ganks bengi provide and the way hes knowing the map so well, always been one of my fav. mid- my fav is febivan, i learned so much from he's cheesy out playes he does (always rememebr the epic double kill with xarath). and well the kid who 1v1 faker. and ya faker is amazing but i kind wanted to bring febivan in a greater light:) adc- i agree with epic on this one. i watched pray, and he just makes it look so ez. so ya hes pretty amazing. support- my alltime favorite. YELLOSTAR. yes yes you can call me a fnatic girl, but boy this kid he's amazing. hes shotcalls are of the charts. and he did lead fnatic to that amazing 18-0 on summer split 2015. i just love everything he does too. from hes amazing saves (janna) to those crazy engages. (leona). note: just now realised you asked for ppl this spilt. hard to say for me. but i had to bring my all time favorites:)
  15. Tell Me About You Greatest Strength

    im good at picking duo partners. aka i'm pretty awful