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  1. Netflix!!!!

    black mirror. stranger things. and some cheasy fun time i would recommend big mouth. also heard that the new show "the end of the fukcing world" is pretty good:)
  2. PUBG Looking for people

    pubg is my main game now, so add me on steam we can get them chicken dinners:) steam id: litey2
  3. Community Game Night: Trivia Murder Party

    ill try to make it hope i wont be alseep till then:)
  4. Introduction - Antherz

    welcome and goodluck:) i play pubg and lol so we can play together:)
  5. Community Game Night: Jackbox Party Pack

    even thats half makeable for me! ill stick around as much as i can till i pass out:D
  6. Custom PUBG inhouse

    i enjoeyd it very much ty
  7. Custom PUBG inhouse

    im in.KAR98!
  8. MadCast Promotes: Sanjo

    oh niceee good luckk!!
  9. Intro ¬ Nimli

    hey welcome:) i mean uk i love harry potter:P which server do you play?
  10. Happy Birthday Epic!

    you got it right:)
  11. Happy Birthday Epic!

    יום הולדת שמח!!!!
  12. Off Hours League Event Interest Thread

    Well anytime from from 3pm -7 pm est. Any inhouses is great:) Ty so much!!!
  13. hello, Im xRoadRunner here to say hi!

    welcome:) @MadCast: Epic @MadCast: Kajyu
  14. Intro- Kevi Bear

    welcome:) @MadCast: Epic @MadCast: Kajyu
  15. MadCast Promotes: Baal

    grats budd:)