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  1. Welcome to the wonderful MadCast!
  2. Welcome to MadCast hope you enjoy playing with us!
  3. Hey Josh glad to see you coming to MadCast and even applying for membership! Hope you enjoy playing with us! See ya around
  4. Thanks Brootos!
  5. Congrats on the promotion!!
  6. Hey Welcome!!
  7. Thank you Telamon!
  8. Oh Thanks Epic!
  9. Thank you Candy, Kajyu, Baal, and Angel! Means alot
  10. Hey you too frosty! Congrats ^-^
  11. Thank you so much Girshal! The blank cards helped too xD
  12. Thank you so much ol' Wise One! CX
  13. Hey thanks mike! And thank youuu azir maine! My thresh is pretty spicy huh xD
  14. I READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! Thank you Book and Grishal for your wonderful help, thank you Epic for showing me this place and thank you everybody who has played with me or spent some time with me in MadCast! Yay! Haha
  15. Hey Frosty man Congrats!