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  1. Should I buy PoF if im still not done with heart of thorns? Im also trying to get a condi reaper build but Viper and stuff is really hard to craft since im relatively new to the game haha
  2. Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! Theres plenty of stuff to do and plenty of people to play with! ^-^
  3. Don't know you But welcome back!!! 4 years. Geez. Thats older than I am haha. Welcome welcome! ^-^
  4. Welcome Welcome
  5. Welcome man!
  6. Welcome Welcome
  7. Woot! Woot! Congrats
  8. Welcome to MadCast.
  9. Welcome back. I hope you're okay. If ya ever need anyone as well, I'm here. Glad to see you back.
  10. Oh alright I'm currently just waiting so I wasn't sure haha
  11. Were we supposed to get assigned to one?
  12. Player Name: Weirdly Level: 30 (Bronze 2) Preferred Roles: Support, And then Fill. I am signing up as a free agent. I am willing to captain if necessary.
  13. Welcome. Im basically a vampire, so Im awake at times where others are asleep while i rest during the day. hope you enjoy playing with the community
  14. Good luck luck to you ^-^
  15. Welcome to MadCast