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  1. Swain | The Noxian Grand General

    I like him a lot! Although never played, I feel as though he fits his "Noxian General" title a lot more than before. I love his strategist-like abilities too!
  2. Return of Fractal Friday?

    me too
  3. Return of Fractal Friday?

    I thought it was on fridays 0~0
  4. Return of Fractal Friday?

    omg im so sorry i didnt check the forums! next time ill be there but im still newbi
  5. Return of Fractal Friday?

    Hey im not sure if that’s still going on and what not but I’ve been wanting to try to get into fractals. Not too sure how far I’ll get haha
  6. Introduction - thevagrant

    Welcome welcome~ I hope ya enjoy MadCast! I also am playing GW2~
  7. Intro - Indiscriminate

    Heya welcome to MadCast! I also play GW2 but im half a noobie ish~ Hope you like it here! ^~^
  8. Intro - OnceSane

    Welcome to MadCast! Good luck on your candidacy~ (I also play GW2 and relatively newish) ^~^
  9. Intro - Aeryx

    Hey Welcome! Good luck on your candidacy~ ^~^
  10. Dis is dunk, dunk is me.

  11. Path of Fire Launch Day Fun - September 22

    @MadCast: RedJustice So far I'm relatively new so I've got exotic gear but I'm not sure what to do to get ascended viper in a quicker way because I still don't own ascended gear. currently running berserkers with valk trinkets. Is there something specific I should be doing?
  12. Path of Fire Launch Day Fun - September 22

    @MadCast: RedJustice Hey thank you so much I'd love if you could help a bit haha. I'm trying to get viper armor for my reaper but its really tough to craft. Im also unsure about what kind of gear besides viper should I mix in for a good condi reaper build
  13. Path of Fire Launch Day Fun - September 22

    Should I buy PoF if im still not done with heart of thorns? Im also trying to get a condi reaper build but Viper and stuff is really hard to craft since im relatively new to the game haha
  14. Introduction - Antherz

    Welcome welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! Theres plenty of stuff to do and plenty of people to play with! ^-^
  15. Risen From the Grave

    Don't know you But welcome back!!! 4 years. Geez. Thats older than I am haha. Welcome welcome! ^-^