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  1. Good luck luck to you ^-^
  2. Welcome to MadCast
  3. Welcome Welcome
  4. Wow you are most likely 80 times better than me if not more but welcome T_T
  5. YAY GO RELLIM!!!!
  6. league of legends

    League of Legends Name: WeirdlyRank: Bronze IIITop Two Positions: Jungle/Support (Usually Fill)Play Style (Be descriptive! How do you like to play?): I do not usually have any specific play style so it varies on my confidence. I Tend to play passive.Hours Available (Use Eastern Time Zone): Any time is fine so just let me know if you want to play. Favorite Champions: Alistar, Talon, Gragas, Nocturne, Thresh, and Leona.Contact Me With (Skype, discord, league, etc - this is when you are not in TS): On League and Teamspeak.
  7. Thank you! That is very nice of you
  8. Hey thats awesome thanks! my tag is DarkMyst.1534
  9. oh okie thanks
  10. Alright but wouldn't they be busy doing advanced stuff? T_T
  11. Is there anyone who still plays Guild Wars 2 in MadCast? I've been wanting to get into it but I'm always alone when I play. Are any of you guys willing to help me out a bit? I'm a bit new. >~<
  12. Hey dude very very welcome to MadCast!
  13. Is there still merchandise being sold? I would want a hoodie if its still available.
  14. Lots of Luck!
  15. That is amazing you have that much mastery!!! You are an idol T^T Welcome