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  1. my condolences to anyone that had to deal with drunk me last night.
  2. I gots me a bottle of tequila and im gonna make some Margaritas and play ARAMS. EVERYONE COME AND DRINK WITH ME. If you're too young and can't drink, thats okay too come hang out. Just don't mind us and our silly selves.
  3. I had a good time even though my insides were killing me from the food poisoning. Sorry if i was a grumpy butt xD. I have finally made a full recovery yay!
  4. Hello new friend!! Welcome! Hope to play with you soon =D
  5. Any teams (including mine) looking to skrim tonight?
  6. Player Name: BlameItOnTheLag Level: 30 Rank: S4... but i was S2 yesterday xD lmao Preferred Roles: Supp/Mid I am signing up as a free agent. Willing to captain edit: jk just saw this was for fulll members, disregard this xD
  7. Hello! My name is BlameItOnTheLag. I was a candidate before, but a during that time a lot of crummy things happened. Without giving to many details, I lost my battle with depression. However, I have been doing a lot better now and I want to be involved with this community again. I really like everyone I met here and I'm hoping you guys will take me back. Things i love : tequila, league, legend of zelda, singing, weird people Things i hate: depression, overly perverted men. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to about depression, PTSD or anxiety I'm all ears! Thanks for reading -Blame