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  1. until

    Sorry for everyones Eardrums... that game scared me . I'm a scardy cat
  2. First champion that came out after you started the game: Draven First champion you played: Ashe First Penta kill: Malphite (thorn mail OP) Favorite Champ: Azir Cutest champ: Kog-Maw Champ that needs nerf'd: Malphite Champ that needs a buff: AZIR Hardest champ to play: Gangplank lol Easiest champ to play: Garen
  3. Hello friends, Some of you know me, others don't. I go through pretty bad depression phases where i just isolate myself, i come and go every 6 months it feels like. but I love this community and everyone in it, i always have. Thing have gotten really rocky for me. Over the past month, myself and other temps were terminated from our assignment at a job i honestly loved dearly and i sad that we were let go. Asking for help like this is honestly a last resort I would never ask for help unless it was dire. My life is falling apart. My parents are both on disability and i help them way more than i help myself and my bank account has suffered greatly because of it. My dad got a serious work injury that messed up his legs and feet. he recently had to get 2 toes removed becuase of the infection that had spread. i have been helping him pay for his medicine as well other expenses. My mom is has a dislocated knee, and takes multiple medications for her mental illnesses wthich i have helped out with as well. Recently when i was driving home from work after being let go, i was so upset and panicking in my car that i hit a curb and ruined my tire and my rim. Thankfully i had some loving friends that helped me with that as well as my bank being over drawn. however its getting close to my car payment being due and i just cant afford it. im so stressed out with bills ive been selling things left and right i had to sell my ps4 and im still not able to save anything to pay for anything i haven't even eatin in the past few days things have been so hard. This whole disaster is making my depression go haywire. I have Boraderline Personality disorder, and i havent even been able to afford my medication for it =/ Again i wouldnt be reaching out like this if it wasnt so bad I don't just want to take money from anyone. I promsie when things are better and i start working again i'll return any money that was sent to me or any help that was given. thank you,
  4. my condolences to anyone that had to deal with drunk me last night.
  5. I gots me a bottle of tequila and im gonna make some Margaritas and play ARAMS. EVERYONE COME AND DRINK WITH ME. If you're too young and can't drink, thats okay too come hang out. Just don't mind us and our silly selves.
  6. I had a good time even though my insides were killing me from the food poisoning. Sorry if i was a grumpy butt xD. I have finally made a full recovery yay!
  7. Hello new friend!! Welcome! Hope to play with you soon =D
  8. Any teams (including mine) looking to skrim tonight?