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  1. Who is good at PUBG?

    I'll be available! My steam is under my name.
  2. Monkey's Cleaning Tips

    It's highly likely that most of the oven's debris consist of low pH soils. Essentially, what you require is a high alkaline (high pH) cleaner loaded with surfactants (Surface Active Agents to bond water & grease) to both neutralize & remove the soil. Vinegar has its uses, but this isn't one of them. An economical (frugal) way to approach this is with baking soda. When baking soda comes in contact with acids, it creates sodium salts, which act as a natural surfactant, allowing it to emulsify the soils, and in turn, wash out with a rinse. As a professional, though, I recommend that unless you are concerned about chemicals (green/natural), you should get an oven cleaner & use it properly. Most cleaning products work, and only fail when used improperly (no one fully reads directions). My recommendation: Buy some Easy-Off from your local wholesaler/retailer ($5-$6 at Lowes) Buy scouring pads ($2-$5 depending the brand) Apply liberal amount of Easy-Off to the oven LET IT SIT OVERNIGHT *2 HOUR MINIMUM* (This is important. Repeated exposure to baked-on protein, fatty soils, and other types of carbonized soils cause a very powerful adhesion to the surface. The surfactants in the oven cleaner will emulsify the soils on a molecular level) Once waiting the desired time, use a soaked scouring pad to scrub the oven & grates. With a clean sponge/microfiber/scouring pad, rinse the oven & grates with warm water once or twice. *If the grates seem REALLY bad, you can take them out prior, lay them outside on newspaper, spray them with cleaner, leave in the sun for an hour, and hose them off before cleaning them overnight with the oven* 9/10 you should use a professional product. These detergents (especially degreasers) are designed and chemically tested to handle these jobs. Following the steps above should lead to a substantial improvement in the quality of the oven. I cannot emphasize enough that you should use a clean sponge/microfiber/pad and only water to finish the rinse. Easy-off tends to have a pH of 9-10, so you want to leave your surface as neutral as possible (pH 7) to prolong its integrity. Let me know how it works out!
  3. Introduction- TikiSoCheeky

    Atta'boy! Glad to see you apply. Good luck
  4. Monkey's Cleaning Tips

    Oh god, there can be so many: Humid climate when stripping/top-scrubbing & waxing. I will literally spend 2 hours watching the floor dry (per coat, for 3-5 coats). Synthetic stairs. You have to be very careful with what you aggressively clean/strip them with (true for any synthetic floor....but god I hate stairs) When the people doing someone's floor finish for the last 20 years has neglected corners and baseboards. I'd say getting on your hands & knees to scrape along the entire perimeter is one of THE most annoying/labor-intensive jobs. Going in to eventually learn that my customer is using Lysol & Bleach. Please...DON'T USE THEM. The pesticides in Lysol disinfectant is a leading cause to super-bugs (paired with improper usage), not to mention it's no good for your Waste Water Treatment System, and bleach is just straight up BAD. It doesn't technically clean anything (just kills whatever is on its kill-claim list), plus it has one of the shortest shelf-lives of any Janitorial chemical. Honestly, there are countless things that can become one's BIGGEST annoyance on any given day. Some days you're extracting carpet for 13 hours in the blazing heat, and other days you're dealing with rejections ALL DAY from old Dutch folks. But man, oh man, do I love it.
  5. League of Learning 12-14-17

    We look forward to having you!
  6. Intro: Icarus Swarm

  7. Introduction to Twist

    Welcome aboard! Look forward to getting some games in with you.
  8. Monkey's Cleaning Tips

    Hey ya'll, your favorite Monkey here. As some of you know, I work in the Commercial Janitorial Industry as a salesman and contractor. Throughout my career, I've learned the ins-and-outs of the industry at an intermediate level, including but not limited to: Chemical Products / Chemical Reactions (Chemistry 101) Various floor types (VCT, LVT, carpet, ceramic tile, etc) Proper Training (Finishing, General Cleaning, Extraction, etc) Floor Care Machinery (Rotary scrubbers, Auto-scrubbers, Burnishers, Air Movers, Wet/Dry Vacs, Vacuums, Orbital Scrubbers) Popular Misconceptions / Consumer Pitfalls Now, why am I sharing this with MadCast? This is a gaming community for christ's sake. Simple. Everyone has to clean. Whether you're sanitizing your kitchen at home, or buying paper towels for work, I want to arm you guys with the most current/useful information possible so that you can save money & stay healthy/safe! Ask me anything in the comments or in PM's. This industry is VERY complex, and you don't know what you don't know. Cheers!
  9. MadCast Angel 2017

    Let's break $700!
  10. *Your shop*

    Too lazy to crop. Bought all 3 of the 'Owned' skins.
  11. Should I Buy It: Rainbow 6 Siege

    Remember pre-nerfed Pulse and m1014 shotgun? yeah...
  12. Support Mains?

    Garen support /thread.
  13. Introduction: Toystore

    Welcome! I look forward to playing with you.
  14. Should I Buy It: Rainbow 6 Siege

    I got to Diamond on Xbox One for two seasons & genuinely loved the game. Unfortunately, I ended up getting hooked on Overwatch, and then obtaining a PC. There are a couple things to note about Siege's learning curve: Cameras win games (Looking at you Valkyrie) Very difficult to Run & Gun against decent team (Unless you're a pro Ash) Weapon recoil is no joke. You have to learn the best weapon for your strategy + map Kill holes....kill holes...DAMN KILL HOLES. Map knowledge + Audio cues to fully understand what's happening around you. Sound is half the battle in Siege Glaz on Presidential Plane /thread But seriously, Siege is a blast. There are unlimited strategies in this game, so you always have a fresh feel in every game (Like taking suppressed Glaz above enemy point & getting kills through the floor). If you DO get it, let me know. I have it on PC, but haven't made an attempt to learn the controls (special equipment, leaning, blast charges, rappelling, etc...).
  15. Who is good at PUBG?

    Yeah. There's a TON of anti-climactic deaths to be had in PUBG. I always recommend going Rambo.