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  1. Intro - Snolotus

    Welcome! I look forward to playing with you
  2. Looking to get better at HOTS

    I'm over my noob bump, so I can probably offer some pretty decent gameplay if you want to team up sometime.
  3. Intro - JonDoh

    Welcome aboard!
  4. New Overwatch Skins

    I wish I didn't have such an extended work day! I'm going to be farming for the Butcher Roadhog skin & Nova Widowmaker.
  5. Tags

    Kikazaru#11235 In case some of you get confused by seeing that name in HoTS or Overwatch.
  6. Intro - BraveBullet

    Welcome, and thanks for applying! I'm glad to see that the HOTS forum is gaining some traction. I'll keep an eye out for you in Discord, and we can definitely get some games in.
  7. How did your placements go?

    I, too, am running low on babies to punch. Anywho, I haven't played my placements yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with the Flu, so I'll likely have time at home to get those numbers up. Hoping to get placed in Gold.
  8. Introduction - Milk

    Welcome! I'm one of those outliers ^^ I genuinely hope you enjoy your experience in our community, and maybe even become a member someday. In the meantime, I'll shoot you a message/invite if I ever see you on League or Overwatch (Total fanatic). *Side Note* You can add all of your usernames & ID's to your profile page, allowing anyone to add you on the fly.
  9. Introduction - Biscuit

    Welcome aboard!

    I'll be playing some games after work today. Catch me on around 5pm EST
  11. MadCast Welcomes: Icarus Swarm

  12. KToader's Introduction

    Welcome aboard! Great to see another Veteran Runescaper. I don't play much these days (Since EoC was released), but I spent 7 years on he game (starting with the 2004 yoyo). I also LOVED woodcutting, but my closest 99 was Strength, which ended around 90. I was never good at farming for long periods. I much preferred to waste my money on Cavs, whips, flared trousers, and house parties! Hope I get a chance to play with you!
  13. Dev Update "We Are Doing"

    I'm sorry.

    I'll shoot you an add through the steam list.
  15. Overwatch fans...

    Lol this is my third time seeing it...and I'm still dying.