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  1. Welcome aboard! Glad to have to trying to fully join our wonderful community. Also had a blast playing with you yesterday!
  2. Absolutely LOVED it lol. I heard him when the song first dropped.
  3. Uhh, let's see. Congratulations - Chris D'elia Ben Shapiro The Joe Rogan Experience Phil in the Blank Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast The Church of What's Happening Now StarTalk Live and Die
  4. Congrats Loki! Well deserved. Looking forward to playing with the new and improved, @MadCast: lll Loki llll
  5. I still have it. Are you referring to the regular multiplayer?
  6. Exactly. His basic playstyle hasn't changed much, and might have a slightly lower skill floor because of the new E. However, I foresee Mordekaiser mains climbing elo quickly once he's not banned out of every game. Those of us who can deal with kiting & have macro play with old Morde will have an easier time dueling at 6 thanks to his kit not being f***ing ADC-centric.
  7. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to catch you around on League
  8. I have an idea for helping to streamline the formation of teams. Could we introduce a discord role system for Elo and top 2 preferred roles? Lots of Discords have utilized a user-friendly method of having folks :react: to preset icons in a text channel. By doing do, they can quickly select and deselect roles. We could also have it only be temporary by creating a temporary (Thursday Only) LoL text channel with these features. It would require minimal setup in the morning by one of our RFM+ members, and would also allow for more in-depth post-game discussion.
  9. Welcome back! If you're looking for some League or Overwatch games, my names are under my profile
  10. Welcome aboard! Hope we can get some more Overwatch games in soon.