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  1. Raeden

    Linux Experiment

    Well, CentOS is just a fork of RHEL so.. yeah We tried experimenting with running Fedora on all desktops, but a lot of people HAD to have their MS Office >.<
  2. Raeden

    Linux Experiment

    Yeah, steam has a compatibility iron to play some windows games on Linux. It's a very small list of supported games but warframe isn't on it. It does have an experimental option to try any windows game, but it didn't work for warframe. Are you running rhel for your desktops? If so, I'm super jealous.
  3. I'll have to post my recipe for my vegan chocolate cake I made
  4. Let's start off with getting this out right away.. I hate Windows (and even more so Mac), but pretty much every game I play is only available on Windows so I've been stuck with the ecosystem for a long while. Enter the experiment: Run every Windows game stably on a Linux VM, then switch my main OS to Linux. My Knowledge: I manage/create linux servers at work and can get around the OS fairly easily. The components: Solus - Operating System Wine - For playing Windows games Lotus - For doing all the heavy lifting on installation and configuration The games: League of Legends - Installed, trying to patch Warframe - Downloading, will install soon Anyone else have any experimentation with Linux?
  5. Hey everyone! This will be my second attempt at joining MadCast and hopefully the last attempt! For those of you that do not know me, I hail from the north Dallas area and have two amazing daughters and an amazing wife. As such, my play time is generally later in the evenings (I hop on around 10pm most nights) and I'll play until 1am if there's others on. Before I hop on for league, I'm usually watching anime or playing warframe with the wife (feel free to join us there!) I am always online on Discord so feel free to ping me if I'm not actively playing. Looking forward to playing with all of you!
  6. Thanks all! I'll be reaching out to SW today. I'm always on Discord and League (mobile clients)
  7. I've been verbally instructed with force to post that I'm interested in full membership -There were no animals harmed in this post-
  8. Hey everyone. A little late replying but I wanted to bump my intro post.
  9. Hi all! Raeden here. I've been playing LoL since early inception but have been off and on for a number of years. I recently got back into it at the end of S6 and have been working on getting out of bronze. I've played some ARAMs with some of y'all and look forward to playing more games!