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  1. I am a free agent looking for a league team. I main top, especially bruisers and tanks, i can also play support or jungle im gold 3 my in game name is danyo11g im available after 8pm central time
  2. I'm ok with the new changes to league of learning it just doesn't really feel like league of learning anymore which is ok, but I feel like the old format offered a lot better feedback at the end of the game especially for laning phase because you get perspective from both sides and its usually from people have been paying a lot more attention to you play than just from the jungler for example who only looks at you for like 20% of the time. so I think the new format is ok and has some positives to it but I would still like to see the old format played maybe on rotation or something.
  3. Hey my in game name is Danyo11G I play league of legends. I was around about a year ago and played with you guys quite a bit so a few people still remember me from back then. I would like to apply for candidacy because I'd like to be part of this great group of people again
  4. I'm sorry guys i just started college these last couple of weeks so I've been really busy. I don't think I'll be able to accept the full membership because I just don't have the time to commit to anything right now and I don't want to miss the activity requirements or anything so for now I have to decline it and just try to make it to events when ever I can.
  5. there should be a 1V1 tourney option in funday monday where all three lanes are in their own 1v1 match and the winners from each lane then meet up in mid lane for a 2v1 to decide the winning team.
  6. League of legends Name: Danyo11G Rank: Silver 3 Top Two Positions: Top and jungle Favorite play style: I enjoy playing tanks and fighter so I can stay in the front line and feel like I'm dealing a good amount of damage Favorite champs: Chogath, Maokai, Naut, Darius, Garen, Xinzhao, Amumu, and fiora
  7. Daddy do is going down on saturday 8pm est I invite everyone to come see their epic downfall. Also just a side note I don't Know if a single match has been played on friday nights this entire season.
  8. Welcome to the community I hope you look into some of the helpful events they have here such as league of learning every thursday at 9est and friday night league.
  9. Welcome back to the game that keeps sucking you back in spoon. I hope you enjoy the community and all it's wonderful events and maybe look in to applying for full membership if you find that this is a place you want to be.
  10. Thanks for the support everyone I'm pretty sure my application will go up for voting soon.
  11. woohoo come join the relapse party I'm on my third remission
  12. the weirdos will make a quick read of these speedy books.