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  1. League of Learning 4/20 9:00pm EST

    I will definitely be there! Very excited to learn some League with other players!
  2. TheNoyZ1 Intro

    Hey all! Wow, such an awesome response and very excited to play with all of you. This community seems really awesome and I'm excited to get started. I would like to apply for Full Membership and have started looking around at the forums and begun conversations and even got a game of League in with some fellow MGC people. Very exciting!
  3. Riot at it again!

    Interestingly enough, my brother is going through an exact same situation like that. I don't know why, but they perma-suspended him for suspicious activity and now he has to send a whole ton of information to them regarding first purchases and the like. Hope it all gets taken care of quickly.
  4. Yeah this character looks phenomenal. I'm curious to know what the pick rate will be for either Rakan or Xayah and if anyone will choose one without the other. Curious to know how common that will be!
  5. TheNoyZ1 Intro

    Hey guys!! I saw your note on the League of Legends forum and just kind of walked through a couple forums and whatnot. I've always been looking for a group and am super excited to get to know this one. I am always looking to play League of Legends and I don't mind playing tons of other games that were mentioned either (i.e. Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, etc.) All that being said, I am typically online to play League and other games quite a bit at night. I am a part-time employee at a local bank in my area and attend university full-time, too. So, regrettably my schedule can be sporadic at times but anytime weekends after 6pm (without a doubt) and most of the time Tuesdays/Thursdays after 5p. This will change going into summer and most likely be a lot more open! I'm into learning League mechanics and love the game a ton. I'm not the best at all positions in League, but love to play with my older brother and want to learn and get really good. I did all my placement matches for the first time back in January and got placed into Silver 3 playing mid/support so that's cool! Anyways, very much looking forward to being a part of the group if I'm admitted! Thanks again for the opportunity to play with a group of people!! Hit me up on any of my accounts (Steam, Playstation 4, LoL, Origin or B.Net: "TheNoyZ1" on all). Let's play some games!!