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  1. your best bet would be to either watch imaqtpie and see if he is duo'd with someone or i think recently probably krepo is the most common
  2. Toombs


    I am a drug dealer, I mean its legal because I have a doctorate for it but thats what I do.
  3. I hope they are good games in the finals!
  4. Welcome! Id love to duo anytime!
  5. Anyone watch Critical Role? If you are a fan of D&D and have not watched it, you should it is amazing!
  6. I main support and my most played champs are thresh, soraka, janna, karma, and nami but i can play all of them.
  7. First time hexakill came out I was playing with 5 of my other friends so we were all on mumble together and the support stole my hexakill. I have never forgiven him for that.
  8. either Aladdin or How to Train Your Dragon!
  9. I am thinking about restarting my WoW subscription, does anyone have a decent group of people they are playing with? If so what server and alliance or horde? Also if you are in need of a tank, dps, or heals let me know! Thanks!
  10. Pretty big Lebron fan so my team seems to be peaking at the right time, or at least Lebron is. Your Celtics had a big win. Isaiah is a monster, it will be fun to watch him and Kyrie go at it for sure.
  11. Hello, My name is Cory but most of my gamer tags have something to do with Toombs. I was told about MadCast by a long time friend and have since played a few League of Legends games with some other members and it seems like a great place to find people to play with. I am married coming up on 3 years and have just had my first child a son named Miles who is 10 months old today. This does limit my gaming time to days off or later in the evening when they go to bed (days off 9-4:30 est and whenever son goes to bed usually after 8est). My main games are League of Legends (4E5 T00mbs, yes they are zeros), Heroes of the Storm ( fulchec#1914 and email is, any MMO that I can get others to play with me on (WoW and FFXIV most recent), and I am big into Dungeons and Dragons (I also play Hearthstone quite a bit but thats not a multiplayer game). My highest rank in League is Gold 2 and my highest rank in Heroes of the Storm is Gold 3. I do play Overwatch however I play on the Xbox One (Rx Toombs). Other than these I am big into sports, any kind both professional and college (huge Tarheel Fan). I am a legal drug dealer as a profession, otherwise known as a pharmacist so any medical questions I will try my best to help. Thats all I can think of for now. Thanks for your time. Oh and this is my formal application for full membership!