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  1. I thought you were going to say be there or be square lol
  2. Welcome to the community, hope to see you in TS and in league soon! We have a LoL event tonight @ 9pm ESt, good opportunity for you to meet a lot of members.
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Welcome, and good luck with your candidacy. Looking forward to playing some League with you!
  5. Glad to see you found us, and hope to see you around!
  6. Welcome Nimli! Wait, there's no candy in the van? ...
  7. Conga rats!
  8. I'd like to withdraw my name from the list for this event, due to recent developments I won't be able to commit. I do apologize.
  9. That's damn near mortal Kombat finisher style right there.
  10. As usual, some great matchups, both games I was in came down to one or two plays. I appreciate those who showed up, as a novice league player this is an invaluable asset to my development. I encourage anyone who plays league and hasn't made it to this weekly event, regardless of skill level, come join in!
  11. Nice KB, look forward to seeing you in game
  12. Hey hey, good to see you at league event
  13. Thanks guys
  14. Going to have to remove my name from this event, as due to recent developments I simply can't be available.
  15. Heck yeah, that would be sweet