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  1. I'd love to clear this again, need another chance at that sweet, sweet, raid hand cannon. ~305 Warlock, Spackemknack#1891
  2. I'll finally get to to go to the lighthouse. It was the destination in Destiny 1 that was awarded for going 9-0 in Trials of Osiris and that's the only thing I never accomplished in that game. Sad face. The Raid Lair concept has me a little skeptical. Bungo gave us Prison Of Elders in the second expansion of D1 as a substitute for a Raid and it didn't pan out well. Given the Raid Lairs have actual encounters and mechanics where Prison of Elders was more of a horde mode I'm still a little wary. I dig the idea of using The Leviathan as the location though and keeping up the whole "the Emperor is testing us" type of deal is consistency we're not used to seeing from Bungie. Good or bad I took a vacation day on 12/5.
  3. I'm down to help out. I've run the raid plenty of times so I can give some advice but totally respect if anyone wants to go in blind. In fact, I recommend that. Spackemknack#1891 290+ anything.
  4. I'll be picking this up on Friday. Looking forward to getting three characters to max level again 😁
  5. Yessir, same profile picture as well.
  6. The Beta activities (the Strike and PvP) dropped end game loot, which was random, and those game modes still do though they now drop more than just armor/weapons. They also drop reputation tokens that can be turned in to certain NPC's and when you turn in enough you get drop which is also random. The Raid has the same type of deal. Edit: I should say "game end" loot, instead of "end game" loot. Two totally different things.
  7. Nice dude! How do you feel about the token loot system now? Think you were rewarded appropriately as opposed to lewt dropping right after an encounter?
  8. I really wanna give this a serious try this week, instead of running around finding random secrets.
  9. I had a TON of fun with BDO a few months ago. The combat is very addicting. I mainly stopped playing because Destiny 2 is out now, and because it was pretty overwhelming at first. Hit me up on Steam though and if you see me online we can run some stuff.
  10. Almost 24 hours until launch. I'm glad I'll be there to witness the shit show that will be the servers for about an hour an a half.
  11. I used to play on the vanilla Minecraft server way back in the day. I tried out the building in No Man's Sky but didn't really like it. Recently I've been on a Terraria kick.
  12. Friend request sent. I'll be starting right at launch on Wednesday.
  13. Been looking forward to Destiny 2 for a long time now. I'll be starting on PS4 on Wednesday but switching to PC come October.
  14. Gonna spend some more time on the Guardian Farm tonight if anyone feels like lending a hand. We get first dibs on all that prismarine