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  1. Tangental Rant/Advice?

    The meta does not matter until higher diamond. The amount of misplays and horrible macro in low elo are generally what determines the game over its course, not the composition of the teams. At one point in time I was Platinum 1 with two wins into my diamond promos. I lost the next three games and tilted down to Platinum 4, similar to you while playing the same champion (but the meta was the same in this case). Maintaining your positive mentality and not raging at every mistake your team does will improve your play. I don't know how many times I can preach this to people I talk to in the community. When I was lower elo, I used to get EXTREMELY tilted by the announcer saying "An ally has been slain" 600 times in one game and I had to disable her voice. You said the meta had an impact on your gameplay, and that is fine. As a player, you have to adapt to the unfavorable meta switch for Zac and perhaps try to pull off more cheese ganks or something (I don't jungle so I have no idea).
  2. Congrats is in order

    Thanks everyone. A lot of years were put into this journey haha
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    Congrats Ropes
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  8. taric support question

    I pretty much always go locket (after tear) whenever I play Taric. I just think shields and heals are so op on Taric since he just pumps them out with his passive.
  9. favorite support items

    Knight's Vow and Locket... the two most viable/must-build items on Braum.
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    I guarantee this will not last long 😵
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    Welcome welcome
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    Much needed buff for Nunu. He's been a trash champ for a long time.