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  1. Learning the Guitar

    @MadCast: JoeKJoeIs a pro. I'm sure he'd love to give some tips.
  2. Netflix!!!!

    I just watch The Office on repeat. They have really good originals that I need to catch up on.
  3. Intro - Gokudera27

    Welcome! Hope your candidacy is going well. I also play CoD on ps4. Would be great to play and not have my PS+ go to waste.
  4. Reminder :Spring Split:

    Can't wait to see my favorite teams - Dignitas and Immortals - play in the new Bo1 format!
  5. 2018

    Went to sleep at 6 am. A good sleeping schedule to start off the year Happy New Year!
  6. Intro - Lokenn

    @MadCast: MaroModo You bet your ass it's Lokenn
  7. Intro - Lokenn

    Hello, Lockenn here. I met a kind fellow named Epic in a normal game and he introduced me to this kind community. I would like to apply for a full membership in this wonderful holiday season. I've got a lot of Nintendo games to beat this winter but I'll have plenty of time to play league. Looking forward to playing with you all!
  8. You get the bronze icon. I think an icon is all you get for silver and below, but silver does get you a border.
  9. League of Learning 8-21-17

    Sure thing! you should play lucian mid again - I got a kassadin skin to get the hidden pay-to-win armor buff.
  10. Black Desert Online

    I played it for a couple of weeks with some friends. Definitely worth the buy imo. The combat feels very rewarding and every class is interesting. I only got to ~lvl 28 and only experienced a portion of the game (there was an event for steam that gave tons of exp. so my level is a bit inflated.)
  11. Intro: Nemesis336699

    Welcome, hope you can make it to the games we have tomorrow.
  12. Teamspeak Down?

    Yeah I'm getting an error whenever I attempt to connect
  13. Friday Night League - Season I

    Agreed, good games.
  14. He's been catching up on missed posts lol.