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  1. You get the bronze icon. I think an icon is all you get for silver and below, but silver does get you a border.
  2. League of Learning 8-21-17

    Sure thing! you should play lucian mid again - I got a kassadin skin to get the hidden pay-to-win armor buff.
  3. Black Desert Online

    I played it for a couple of weeks with some friends. Definitely worth the buy imo. The combat feels very rewarding and every class is interesting. I only got to ~lvl 28 and only experienced a portion of the game (there was an event for steam that gave tons of exp. so my level is a bit inflated.)
  4. Intro: Nemesis336699

    Welcome, hope you can make it to the games we have tomorrow.
  5. Teamspeak Down?

    Yeah I'm getting an error whenever I attempt to connect
  6. Friday Night League - Season I

    Agreed, good games.
  7. He's been catching up on missed posts lol.
  8. Destiny 2 Clan (PC/PS4)

    Oh I thought it would have a much larger player base on console. Maybe our group isn't representative of the whole but still.
  9. Destiny 2 Clan (PC/PS4)

    Should make a poll or something to see how split up it is between he 3 platforms.
  10. League of Learning 9/07/17

    Yes I agree! Very impressive push down mid.
  11. Hidden OP?

    Yeah I agree with Epic. Vayne just benefits more from crit to scale later in the game.
  12. Star Guardian Onslaught S+

    I saw that too. Hopefully some groups come together to try stuff out. Really fun game mode for PvE.
  13. Intro - Chastiser / Hanker

    @MadCast: Jobotoo You catchin up on posts you missed?
  14. League of Learning 9/07/17

    Brootos had a pretty good idea regarding league of learning that sounded pretty good. May have pertained solely to the lower elo games, but it seemed interesting nonetheless. It was along the lines of having the opposing laners talk to each other so the better laner could give advice to the other player as the lane plays out. Sounds like it would be worth a try now or in the future.
  15. Friday Night League - Season I

    @MadCast: candymaniam You'll have to this time bud. I won't be subbing in this time to carry you.