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  1. Hey I've just started playing Rust its a survival game, i'm enjoying it, I was wondering if anyone else was playing it or would like to play it? let me know!
  2. I was looking for it on steam the only thing i can find is Catan Universe, is that it?
  3. Welcome good to be playing with you!
  4. grats Gazz!!
  5. Woot thanks! I accept the terms and conditions!!! <3
  6. I've been trying out Hots with ternity its awesome and fun!!!
  7. Welcome
  8. Of course it was the first thing i organised to get moved hahaha
  9. Hi I might not be as active over the few weeks as i'm moving house and having to decorate and wait for the internet connection etc etc but I will sorta be around for a quick game or 2 of league and maybe HOTs
  10. Congrats!
  11. I still think he's braum and annies baby or maybe he's there half brother!!!
  12. looks good i'll try get it at some point i think!
  13. Welcomes
  14. alright i'm not sure why i cant message you or anyone for some reason it doesnt give me a box to write a message on here.
  15. sounds awesome !!