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  1. Introduction: maeVa

    Hello friends! My name is Michael, but my in game name is maeVa. I saw your recruitment thread on the LoL forums and thought i would take the chance to make some friends. I have been in the community for about 9 months now, but never made it around to making an account on the website (lol), for i have been in medical school for the army for most of my time away. With that being said, I am a Mental Health Specialist in the United States Army and i love what i do for a living. I work 9-5 EST just like any other full time working civilian. in my free time i like to play League of Legends. When i am not playing LoL, I like to go on nature hikes, canoe, and go fishing. I am also in the process of learning the Korean language. I was recruited by MadCast Epic and not only is he a member of this community but also a good friend. He does his job very well and deserves a pay raise. Also, I am interested in applying for full membership.