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  1. ITs a great tool to watch other people and actually having a good commentary to go with it. I agree that Epic is very good at communication. I personally, have learned a lot and also, on my downtime at work and whatnot watch countless videos on the role I would like to main (support) and listening to the top tier players and their decision making and also creating my own playstyle along the way. It has helped me tremendously and is also a good tool as well to see builds and strats of other top tier players.
  2. I would also like to Apply for Full membership into this community. I will adjust the names accordingly to the rules. I mostly play around 3-4 days a week late at night around 10:00pm EST and on late night player Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to playing with everyone and getting to know everyone. I actually would be very interested in becoming a member.
  4. Hey everyone, my real name is Shawn and I play League of legends, I found this site searching around for a League community and this one popped up. I am a strong advocate in gaming communities and look forward to be apart of it. Hopefully I can bring something to the team to better everyone including learning from you all to better myself. Thank you for the opportunity.