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  1. I recently changed my name on league from Uyeeko to Ad Finem. Just wanted to clarify (I also changed my name on TS but am unsure about how to change my name on here... So XD)
  2. Awesome! Thank you! cool! @Lokenn All I know is Lua LOL XD self taught
  3. Still have to back for hp and such, so it isn't TOTALLY insane XD Im curious to see how his wall smash interacts with Yorick W, since Yorick W has an hp bar as an entire unit would it interact strangely? I MUST KNOW
  4. @MadCast: Mike @MadCast: Epic I think Im interested in full membership o.o how do I get started?
  5. @MadCast: narucabra I played with people and actually did good for once LOL
  6. The main problem with the league of learning is the time XD I want to join but I have to wake up at 3:30 EST tomorrow I might still join, but idk, we shall see
  7. Im also interested in full membership I think, Id like to get a feel for the community and such before I give you a real solid answer on that but Im definitely a little interested xP hope you'll have me
  8. Hello! My name is Stuart, but people call me Uyeeko/Uyee (you-ee-koh), but you can call me Stu or Stewie if you want too! cx Uhh... Im 18, fresh out of high school, working in a nearby manufacturing plant to earn money for college right now (Going into computer science!) Im a massive nerd, but I mainly play league because my computer is a potato so I cant play much else XD I work 4:30 AM to 1 PM EST so Ill be on alot during the day but I have to go to bed early most days (I have weekends off luckily) I ran into a 5 man group on league earlier (was playing Soraka, accidentally took thunderlords cuz I got a bug splat in champ select) and since they were all in the same club I looked it up and found the site cx and here we are! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!