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  1. I love them all, but particularly #s 5 and 3. In addition to 3, I've had some help over the years that strongly advocates similar pre-game exercises. As champions are being selected, he suggested that I try and list each of their archetypes quickly and try and decide what some win conditions are based off those kits. I find this pre-game exercise can be challenging in terms of the relatively short time it takes to get into game, but that working it out and reviewing in post-game can help speed up the process for future pre-game assessments. May as well spend some of that brainless pre-game working on how to place your 'shrooms optimally, eh?
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    Hello! It's yer mum

    Bumping! Hello again, all Have revised my original post as to not waste space.
  3. Hi again, sorry for the bump but thought it relevant given I'm going to try to forge some type of presence here. Original post spoilered below. I'm " müm" in LoL (with thirteen spaces in front, but who's counting?). Came around these bits last year, was a bit daunted by how large the forums were and ended up falling out of LoL for a while. Back online as of late-- have a few friends that I enjoy playing with, but hoping to find a group that's not only playing for fun, but playing to learn and help others out along the way. Not going to express my intentions to become a full member in this introduction, but would very much like to join for the occasional event. Otherwise, not much has changed from my real-life perspective since last time I had posted: I'm not quite 30 (but getting darn close!), teach and conduct a bit of research our of the local university, and work as a consultant for the government here in various hospitals across Ontario. I still spend lots of time in the depths of cold, northern Ontario lakes and love to teach new scuba divers the ropes. Could discuss diving for hours (but I won't here! :p). I took a brake from the 'Mo, but have returned to my "cancer Teemo roots" -- hi Baal. Enjoying top & support, and hoping to work my way out of gold to enjoy the next tier for the upcoming season. Hope to see many of you around! <3 yer mum