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  1. Hey guys looking for someone to help me get better at lane as a ADC/Supp/JG please feel free to find me on the Madcast discord or add me in league I will stream for help or do games with you. in game name is Nemesis336699
  2. Lol dude your dog has a awesome name!
  3. Ill be there might have 1 or two more with me!
  4. The one on the left is Annie (We just got her!) and the one on the right is Tibbers!
  5. Hello Madcast family!!!! So as you all know a while back I applied for membership. Sadly the hurricane known as Harvey pretty much ruined my candidate time, I am just getting back into the groove of gaming after loosing everything House, Car, Misc Stuff (Computers, Tv, Cloths, ETC) I am hoping that here soon we can all get back to gaming and having fun! Candyman was my original way into MCG and Shenaniquin was my mentor! Hopefully I will get in touch with them again as well! Looking forward to meeting/playing with you all in the near future!
  6. Welcome to the party! Dun let Candyman touch any of your candy because you wont have any left!!!!
  7. Awesome guys! I look forward to seeing you guys in discord!
  8. Well sounds to me like we all need to get together and see what we can do in BDO! my TS name is the same as my name on here so hmu anytime!
  9. Awesome! Is it the same as your tag on here?
  10. Hey everyone! Your favorite recruit here! I was wondering if anyone plays BDO and if so are you active?! I am thinking about investing the $10 to play the game but i dont wanna be playing by muhselfers! HMU!