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  1. I may, but honestly, I'm kinda turned off by the whole "only able to play ten characters that rotate" thing. I heard it's fun though.
  2. Definitely. Honestly, though the bulk of games I play tend to be single player; this is pretty uncharted territory for me. The ones I do play that are multiplayer like Bloodborne or Dark Souls I haven't played much with others. However, I am definitely trying to branch out. Here's a list of some multiplayer pc games that I have and have played a little or been sitting on for way too long: Starcraft 2 Diablo 3 Overwatch Dota 2 Team Fortress 2 I'm a scrub when it comes to mobas, mmos, and strategy games because my hotkey game is pretty weak, but I gotta get around to them sometime, right? If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations for other games let me know. Right now I'm pretty keen on sticking with GW2 but it's good to have a backup.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to take a sec to introduce myself. I'm a lifelong game (29 years old) but I've mostly stuck to consoles and have never been the biggest online gamer. Got a wife and daughter and all that fun jazz. Like most of you, I'm a complete nerd who's honestly just trying to find cool people to game with. I recently I decided to check out GW2 which is my first real time with an mmo and I'm still learning how to play. It's a lot of fun but I can already feel my enthusiasm waning so it was recommended to me to join a guild and actually play with other people. I'm not great, but like I said I've been gaming since the NES days so I pick things up quickly. Also people tell me I'm funny. If anybody is trying to play that would be awesome. I've been jumping on around 8-9 o'clock eastern time just completing map goals and mining copper. If anybody was trying to group up tonight leave me a message. I'll leave my toon's info. Nice to meet everybody! Evan.7943 Lv. 20 Charr Warrior - Digity Derr Current Location - Plains of Ashford Current World - Gate of Madness