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  1. Thank You
  2. I've had 3 go IR this season...I feel for the players and the dues I spent
  3. RIP Aaron Rodger's Collarbone and the Packer's Season
  4. At least it was a good game
  5. Thanks! I'm enjoying the maturity of the community and enjoying the fact I can find people to play LoL with.
  6. I also appreciated video of the (almost) failed attempt of Iowa State planting the Iowa State flag after beating Oklahoma and the video of the dude yelling "Who's your Daddy"
  7. One of the biggest rivalries in all of college football - coming at your from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas tomorrow at 3:30. I wish I was there in person. Here's hoping for a great game. Go Texas!
  8. Hello and Welcome HMU in LoL (IGN: Aeryx) anytime
  9. Thanks All
  10. You're right; there are probably dozens of you excited about this. In all seriousness the skin is legit. The recall animation is awesome.
  11. Posts like all of these make me realize how wonderful it is to be married. /r/tinder has made me realize I never want to be single...ever.
  12. Something Something emotes Widowmaker Rework "I'm the Juggernaut" Janna nerf.... Ancient Coin Nerf... Hate you for this one Rioto Spellthief's Buff... Love you for this one Rioto Another Annie Skin Beekeeper Singed...nobody wants more Singed in the games Also, buffing Graves in time for the Victorious Skin.
  13. Welcome; I feel like I need to update GW2 now and load it up
  14. Welcome; looks like there's a number of us candidates now.