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  1. Introduction: DrMedicTM

    Good luck on your candidacy!
  2. Thursday Night Raids 9pm 2/14/19

    I posted in discord but I will not be on; I'll actually be on a LOA Thus through Tues.
  3. Proud of you Guardian

    Grats Guys!
  4. Intro - tiide

    Welcome and good luck on your candidacy!
  5. Super Bowl LIII

    If the Celtics win I quit!
  6. Super Bowl LIII

    Love him or hate him..G.O.A.T.
  7. Super Bowl LIII

    3 points in the first half...
  8. Super Bowl LIII

    I'll take the Pats since the refs stole the ride from the Saints and gave it to LA
  9. Playoffs have arrived!

    Predictions? Ring #6?
  10. Thursday Night Raids 9pm 1/31/19

    I'll be there; 650 Titan Aeryx
  11. Raid Night Options Poll

    Thanks for putting up the poll/thread
  12. Bru McCoy

    After, what I consider a transitivity, commit to USC, 5 star WR Bru McCoy has entered into the NCAA transfer program and signs are pointing to my Burnt Orange Nation! ~Hook Em!
  13. Playoffs have arrived!

    He was just trying to stop the TD from the blown coverage I think
  14. Playoffs have arrived!

    WORST non-call in as long as I can remember...cost the Saints the game
  15. The Outplay!

    Clean play