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  1. Introduction- TikiSoCheeky

    Good Luck on your candidacy!
  2. Intro: Icarus Swarm

    Welcome and Good Luck on your candidacy!
  3. *Your shop*

    Pug'Maw is the only skin I got that I'll end up getting
  4. MadCast Angel 2017

    We're gonna make this happen!
  5. Introduction to Twist

  6. What is your favourite book?

    I think he's gone the way of G R R Martin. I read he eeked a deal with Lionsgate that includes a film and TV Series - he's an executive producer for both. I'm happy for him I just hope he finishes the series.
  7. Introduction - Satich

    Welcome and good luck on your candidacy. You have a good mentor.
  8. Introduction: Toystore

    Welcome to MadCast - we have a large group of people that play both LoL and WoW. I recommend keeping active on the forums and adding as many people as you can in games; you'll find that unless you chose to you rarely have to queue solo. My ING: is Aeryx (in LoL) I left WoW years ago.
  9. Introduction - Ron Swanson

    Welcome - I hope you enjoy our community. Please add members (my name is ING: Aeryx) and get to know us. If you find you want to be a formal part of our community you can always apply for full membership. I'd be amiss if I didn't take opportunity to leave this here: "Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing" - Ron Swanson
  10. College Football Week 14

  11. Introduction - BloodyToxin

    Welcome and Good Luck on your candidacy!
  12. Introduction- tacobellah

    Welcome and Good Luck on your candidacy!
  13. What is your favourite book?

    The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss is really good; though he needs to finish that 3rd book I also really enjoyed both the Lightbringer Series and The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks
  14. MadCast Angel 2017