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    I'm a student studying electronic music production at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I love almost any video game so long as I'm playing it with people who are as passionate about it as I am. I mostly consume my time playing League but am always excited to jump into new communities if prompted. Don't hesitate to invite me to try new games!
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  1. WOOO! If it's summoner's rift, I'm giving a hug to 8 lonely people.
  2. Hey all, So I've decided to opt out of League of Learning lately because I've felt that it was too much of a time sink for how much game time we actually would get in. I often felt like my entire evening would get eaten up on only 2 games (both of which would often last less than 30 mins). I think all this excess time is being unnecessarily spent in between games. I think if we were to fix this, we would have to streamline not only the process of getting into game but also the post-match feedback and discussion event. I often feel like we can spend about 15-20 mins trying to get into game (with many dodges due to champion pick mistakes), and up to 30 mins discussing stuff after a game, even when most members have not a whole lot to say. In addition, I often feel like (at least in the higher elo games) there's a lot less learning, and a lot more *pointing out mistakes that people are already aware that they made*. I often find the LoL feels a lot less like a learning experience, and a lot more like a simple in-house competitive series. While I don't have solutions to every problem. I have a few suggestions: To combat the amount of time spent post-game. Maybe anyone who has thoughts on any player's play in the previous game could take a note or something. And then maybe we could have a thread where people post there thoughts. So, for example, if Kyroo thought I was getting caught out often because I was splitting too much and ignoring the map, he could post about it in like a ADC criticisms thread or something (I'm just spit-balling here, I never get caught out). The central point being: Most of the extra time spent in post-game is due to the fact that each piece of feedback has to be spoken sequentially instead of simultaneously. This leads to most players just spending a ton of time sitting around waiting for people to finish speaking their individual thoughts on an individual player. Which also really kills momentum. I'm pretty sure that most of the time, when one game ends, a lot of people are ready to lay down a few words and jump into the next game (I may be projecting). Either way, if people have ideas on how we could implement the feedback threads, I would love to hear them. For getting into games, I think the biggest problem is communication. There often a minority of players taking up a majority of the sonic space. And I honestly don't believe this is because they're too loud and talking to much. I have found time and time again that there are a lot of players who (even when asked) seem to not respond, or are zoned out/not paying attention to positions and champion select. This leads to really incoherent team compositions and people forgetting which role they're playing or who they're trading with. I'm not entirely sure how to fix this, but I think we really need to encourage high levels of communication. I think that if you're distracted or prefer not to talk at all, LoL's competitive environment is not for you. Finally, I think it would be cool if we had some sort of tags that labeled our preferred positions. A fair amount of time is often spent figuring out who's going where and who is being put on which team. Again, I'm not entirely sure how to solve this problem, but a good start would maybe be tags. These are just my personal Quips with LoL. While I absolutely adore the competitive environment and team-play, I haven't found it worth it when literally 50%+ of the event time is spent out of game. If anyone has any suggestions on how to solve these problems, I would love to hear.
  3. Hey all, I'm making an update sweep to the Color Madness spreadsheet I made a while ago: Now would be a great time to let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding which item belongs where or missing items. Please don't hesitate to disagree with me. The goal is to have a widely accepted understanding on what which items you can and cannot build during the game so that people are not constantly asking and arguing about which items, and can instead focus on the glory that is Baal's Brown Build (BBB). Thanks for any feedback you can provide.
  4. Eyy! I did it! Thanks so much to everyone I've been playing with over the last year. "I have read and agreed to the terms of Full Membership" Stoked to be solidly part of this awesome community of respectful, mature, and enthusiastic gamers. My IRL social life has been pretty barren (especially in the gaming department), so this club has meant a ton to me. Being able to get together with a group of friends every week and have fun LoL shenanigans has been incredibly valuable to me. Thanks to everyone.
  5. Ideas for Mage DCs: Ban all purely defensive items. (ncluding mercs and ninja tabi) Make it random champs, and if you get a champ that doesn't have dual scaling, you can reroll. If you get a tank, think about when you build that champ full damage, now do the opposite of that type of damage Make a short banned champ list for problematic champs like Kai'Sa, Kog'Maw, Kennen, etc.
  6. Pretty sure this is the best worlds video Riot has ever produced. Fantastic work from everyone who made this happen...
  7. Yeah I have to say, I'm glad they're showing us that they're able to release a VGU without complete changing a champ. Especially with something like Ezreal. His old w was completely boring and pointless. I see this as a single ability update with a fancy visual update tagged on. Not complaining...
  8. My hunch is that gold will still be the required tier for victorious skins. I think Iron is meant to make more of a clear difference between the people currently in bronze and silver. I think that low bronze will become iron, high bronze will become low bronze, low silver will become high bronze, and high silver will be the new silver. Because there are a lot of skill differences within silver 3-1 right now. Very interested to see what the actual distribution ends up being.
  9. Woah! Really cool. Consecutive matches. Were you in their pre-made?
  10. The new ranked tiers have been revealed! Any thoughts? I for one am looking forward to be referred to as "Iron Trash"
  11. Anyone wanna duo with me on the new gamemode later tonight?
  12. This patch seems to focus almost entirely on competitive play in preparation for Worlds. Aside from that, we have a new PvE game mode to play around with, as well as some spicy new skins to go with it. Unfortunately, we're losing Nexus Blitz I'm sure they'll bring it back better than ever in the hopefully not to distant future. Thoughts?
  13. Pushover, this reply was excellent. Really helpful advice not just for temptedangel, but players in general. Nice to see you're really thinking these things through. I know I can certainly take advice from a few of these points myself.
  14. Hey all. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in helping me set up a few in house games of Ultimate Bravery. For those who don't know, Ultimate Bravery is a game mode where you get assigned a random build that you have to follow. Usually, hilarious shenanigans ensue: I know many people don't like this gamemode, but it's some of the most fun I've ever had playing League. If I wanted to start an event for this, what would be the best way to go about making that happen? Thanks for anyone who's interested.