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    I'm a student studying electronic music production at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I love almost any video game so long as I'm playing it with people who are as passionate about it as I am. I mostly consume my time playing League but am always excited to jump into new communities if prompted. Don't hesitate to invite me to try new games!
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  1. Color Madness Item Sets

    Anytime. I actually love compiling stuff like this together, especially if it helps out the game night. Lemme know if you ever want me to do other stuff like this.
  2. Color Madness Item Sets

    Hey all, I made these item sets that you can download to use for the Color Madness gamemode. Hopefully this will allow people to be a little less confused about what they can and cannot build, and make for an overall more exciting and interesting game. Color Madness Item
  3. Color Madness Item Chart

    Hey again. I updated the list with not only Baal's patented Brown Build, but also secondary items that people may want to buy even if they can't be upgraded completely.
  4. Color Madness Item Chart

    I would love to, but I just don't see where I can do that. If you have some specific suggestions, lemme know.
  5. Color Madness Item Chart

    Yeah I was wondering about adding Brown-Build. If you want me to, I will happily do so.
  6. Color Madness Item Chart

    Hey all, In an attempt to reduce inconsistencies and confusion, as well as to increase overall gameplay quality and distinction for the Color Madness gamemode, I made a chart of which items are allowed for which color. I specifically designed it so that any one item has no more than 2 assigned colors. This is to prevent certain items from being built on everyone (redemption for example) and to increase the distinction for each Color. I was tired of seeing items like Runaan's Hurrican being built by users of Red, Orange, Yellow, Silver, White. It ruins a color's defining traits and makes it so it doesn't really matter which color you pick. If you have any suggestions on items to change, please don't hesitate to recommend. But remember, you have to be able to remove it from an already existing color slot if you want to add it to a new one.
  7. Intro - Imnuckingfuts

    Welcome! Would love to see you on the rift! I'm a platinum ADC. If you're moving to ADC, I would love to queue up with you and help you improve in the role!
  8. Introduction- tacobellah

    Welcome to MCG! Everyone here is super cool as I'm sure you've already ascertained. Hope to see you on the rift!
  9. Intro - Simaniac

    This is me reapplying for candidacy because I like ya'll.
  10. Recently Returned to Overwatch

    Would love to make some Overwatch friends on here. Overwatch is a social game for me, but not many people I know play it.
  11. runes

    Glacial Augment Olaf. Try it.
  12. Any awesome new builds?

    Highly recommend ya'll enjoy Trinity Force and Steraks combo on like any bruiser. Shit is so powerful and so satisfying.
  13. Possible New EXP Grinding Mode?

    Yeah I feel like there's something for everyone in this game.
  14. if you watch NA lcs

    The need to replace Doublelift with Imaqtpie. Riot confirmed it on camera. The ladder speaks the truth. Qt is the superior ADC.
  15. Possible New EXP Grinding Mode?

    Yeah but what's more important, exp or playing league of legends? thinking