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  1. MadCast Welcomes: TikiSoCheeky

    And i would like to shorten my name to MadCast: Tiki.
  2. MadCast Welcomes: TikiSoCheeky

    I have read and agree to the terms of condition and thanks everyone for the congrats
  3. MadCast Promotes: Support Welfare

  4. Mediocre Shoutcasting?

    This was really enjoyable to watch i hope you do more and post more of this.
  5. MCL IV Teams and Schedule

    Good luck everyone!
  6. Pup Reaply

    Glad to see you reapply!
  7. Picking WoW back up

    Yeah i might hop into wow i've never really played it before though so it might be a little challenging.
  8. Cards against Humanity?

    Yeah i wouldn't mind playing this.
  9. LoL 8.16 Patch Notes

    Those tahm changes just feel a little hard.
  10. WoW Release

    I might come try it.
  11. Weekly Replays

    Yeah this was too funny!
  12. August 18th: Two Discord Channels and a TORGUE Explosion

    Yeah this sounds like fun i hope people decide to stop by, but i'll definitely try and make it.
  13. Intro - Rohanski

    Good luck, hopefully we can see your top adc more lol.
  14. League of Leaning - Best Flash NA

    This is too good!
  15. Play Diplomacy

    I would play it if we were able to get enough people for it.