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  1. WoW Release

    I might come try it.
  2. Weekly Replays

    Yeah this was too funny!
  3. August 18th: Two Discord Channels and a TORGUE Explosion

    Yeah this sounds like fun i hope people decide to stop by, but i'll definitely try and make it.
  4. Intro - Rohanski

    Good luck, hopefully we can see your top adc more lol.
  5. League of Leaning - Best Flash NA

    This is too good!
  6. Play Diplomacy

    I would play it if we were able to get enough people for it.
  7. Still Horde, Still Dark Iron

    Yeah, I might try out the new expansion when it comes out would love to join the clan on there.
  8. Intro: StargazerLili

  9. Intro: Suixide22

    Welcome, it was good playing with you and i hope your candidacy goes well!
  10. MadCast League Season IV Registration

    Player Name: TikiSoCheeky Level: 101 Preferred Roles: Mid or Support Rank: Gold 3 I am signing up as a free agent. I am not willing to captain
  11. Introduction- TikiSoCheeky

    Hey, I'm re-applying for membership again due to the fact that i have more time to keep track of the forums and will be able to post more, I play League of Legends, sometimes Heroes of the Storm, and i used to play Overwatch not much anymore I've been in the community for a while and have been enjoying myself more and more and now that i have time will make a better commitment to being a member. I am looking to apply for full membership.
  12. Introduction- TikiSoCheeky

    Hi everyone, my name is TikiSoCheeky, but you can call me Tiki i'm 17 years old and I've been in the community for a while now i just haven't applied for a membership till now, I play League of Legends, Heroes of The Storm, Overwatch, and more I've been loving the community and all the people that are in and around it, I have made multiple friends and great memories already, and i'm awaiting many more. Just to clarify I am looking to sign up for full membership.