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  1. some interesting developments incoming

    I mean one recruit mentioned it by name in his intro post it, maybe it could be a recruiting tool or maybe it is just an anomaly
  2. Intro: Icarus Swarm

    Hello and welcome feel free to add me in game MaroModo
  3. Bless Online

    Looks pretty cool like lineage meets shadows of war in an MMO setting I am just very hesitant to play games like this on day one. I have been burned one too many times
  4. Introduction to Twist

    Welcome! look me up starting tomorrow I will be back full time again
  5. some interesting developments incoming

    I agree but for us as a group it works really well since we have a variety of individuals in different ELO's I see it as a good recruitment tool going forward and also another event type we can add
  6. *Your shop*

    im jealous of the star guardians you got
  7. *Your shop*

    Dinognar, scorched earth xerath, butcher urgot, festive maokai, warlord shen, omega squad veigar
  8. some interesting developments incoming well Riot is saying in 2018 there will be tournaments for 5 mans with rewards for all elo 's really worth a watch towards the last half of the video
  9. Introduction: Toystore

    Hello and welcome! feel free to add me
  10. Intro - Imnuckingfuts

    Hey man welcome! and good luck with your candidacy look me up in game
  11. Todays PBE update brought to you by Morg nerfs!

    Yeah because Brand needed any sort of buff... Who thinks of this $%^&$
  12. Introduction- tacobellah

    Welcome, Friend of mine from my military days who is a support main good people
  13. Introduction - BloodyToxin

    welcome welcome bud.. finally
  14. LoL - Patch 7.24

    riot forgot about teemo....
  15. Introduction - MooKwonDo

    welcome welcome!