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  1. Introduction - Majorhoward

    well, he is Scottish its a joke...
  2. Introduction - Majorhoward

    finally my favorite American applies haha, good luck on your candidacy let me know if there is anything you need
  3. Intro: Dez

    fun games tonight
  4. Mechanical Keyboard?

    I have a Razer mechanical keyboard and absolutely love it they are loud but then again it feels so much smoother then non-mechanicals
  5. MadCast League Season III Regular Season

    just a random question but if i epic gank racer can i BM?
  6. Straggler looking for a clash team

    clash is an absolute blast and I highly recommend it to anyone who can make the times! we went 1-1 sadly we lost to a smurf team that we still should have beat but wrecked in our second game. There are many avenues to find teams on reddit and league boards, heck even your own Madcast community has people I am sure would love to play.
  7. Intro: Darren Coach

    Good luck man, Was fun playing a couple with you after LoL
  8. Straggler looking for a clash team

    sadly my team is full or I would bring you in maybe next week
  9. MadCast League Season III

    well thanks for asking icarus geez
  10. WoW: BfA Videos

    looks interesting. I am hopeful for this xpac but as usual with WoW i temper my expectations
  11. MadCast Welcomes: Snolotus

    congrats well deserved.
  12. PUBG PC 1.0 Update #8

    now if they would fix the server is too busy error everytime a game ends
  13. MadCast League Season III

    Free agents shall register in this thread as follows: Player Name: Madcast Maro Level: 85 Preferred Roles: Any accept ADC I am signing up as a free agent. I am willing to captain.
  14. Intro: Edge Queen

    Hello and welcome! I play during those hours mainly because I never sleep (thanks college and military) so look me up always looking for people to play with
  15. Intro: catperson96

    best intro ever.. welcome look me up Madcast Maro