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  1. Intro-BlueRose

    well thanks for coming to MadCast let me show you the door... jk lol its not everyones cup of team
  2. PUBG update

    So last night me and some friends get on PUBG after patch and to all of our shock it is actually way to more optimized then before the lag is very little due to the ping restrictions and the de synch is getting better and better and finally, they banned a crap ton more cheaters I recommend ya'll check it out!
  3. Intro-BlueRose

    so would you techinically be like Ross from friends? anyway's im an idiot but welcome and good luck i play WoW sometimes and Diablo on y xbox 1
  4. MadCast Welcomes: Namflow

  5. What's your all time favorite story game?

    final fantasy 8, XIV and XV in no particular order
  6. Sviðskógr Rusling -- Introduction

    welcome! got to chat with you earlier hope to play with you soon
  7. League of Learning Feedback

    I voted no. There is nothing wrong with playing with players who are better then you but we also have some players who are still very new and to get dumpstered by a diamond player or plat or whatever might not be that beneficial for the player. I honestly came in slightly irritated because i had homework to do but since we were @29 people i wasn't gonna be the guy who screwed over 9 other people. I however was able to sub out of the 2nd game so it worked out but Lobby 3 games were steamrolls and whoever had kyroo basically had a win so maybe it was a balance issue
  8. How did your placements go?

    thank god I'm outta bronze
  9. Swain | The Noxian Grand General

    looks like ill be learning Swain
  10. What's your all time favorite story game?

    Final Fantasy 8 has been and always will be my favorite console game and I wish they would HD it and send it back out
  11. Share your desktop!

    due to the start of the LCS season I will not be showing my desktop
  12. PUBG

    So last night I brought up the fact that we have PUBG players but no real PUBG home or events. So I ask you the MadCast Community for your opinion on the matter. I feel if we had a single day of the week where we had rotating 4 man squads or multiple squads. In my mind it would bring more exposure to the game while, bridging a gap that somewhat exists from the HoTS players and the league players. As I have personally met FMs I've never had the pleasure of playing with before by playing PUBG. If all goes right I am hoping to get a sub folder in this section because God knows we all have some funny videos of our deaths and fails or that guy from the far east shooting you through a mountain but most of all bringing more players together in this community and really isn't that why we are here to begin with? Thanks for reading this and please I would love to hear all ideas on how we can grow this
  13. MadCast Welcomes: gokudera27

    Congrats bud! Sad I cant blame all my league mistakes on you anymore
  14. Introduction - Milk

    Great to see you guys decided to check us out let me or anyone else know if you have any questions and also we have an event tomorrow called League of Learning @9pm EST where we work on specific parts of the game at an attempt to get better or in my case an unwanted dumpstering
  15. How did your placements go?

    1 left to go... at least these placements went a lot better then last season